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One Year Of Parenting: Our Top 25 Best Parenting Articles Of 2016

There’s something for everyone on our list of top posts for 2016.

1. Sober in College (And Still Having Fun) “Here’s an important fact I’ve learned over three years: No one really cares if you’re drunk or not,” says our writer.

2. When a Mom Shows Up At a Teen Party in Her PJs … Here’s What Happens Next “I had a gut feeling my son was up to something, so I decided to check it out,” writes this mom. Boy was she right!

3. 4 High School Parenting Mistakes I Made — That You Can Avoid Our blogger shares four high school parenting mistakes that she made with her three kids – so you can avoid making them.

4. Interview with Brian Gordon, Creator of Fowl Language Brian Gordon—creator of the comic Fowl Language—captures family life. Perfectly. Every time.

5. Underage Drinking: 5 Ways to Talk About It Realistically Telling teenagers to “just say no” doesn’t stop most of them from drinking alcohol. We think it’s time for an updated conversation.

6. It’s College Move-In Day. Which Drop Off Mom Are You? Are you a Weeper, or an Old Pro? College move in day is here. What kind of mom will you be?

7. Juicy Gossip? Reports of Drinking? A Handy Guide to When You Should Call Another Parent Not sure when to call the other parent? We can help.

8. When (Other) Parents Allow Alcohol Some parents accept that teenagers drink, so they allow it in their homes. Here’s what to say to your teenager.

9. What Do Teenage Boys Want After School? Some Space Please “A lot of questions are not helpful,” says our teen writer.

10. Is My Teen a Social Outcast? Or Making Smart Decisions? Should you worry about a teen who spends most weekend nights at home?

11. The Six College Freshman You’ll Meet at Thanksgiving Who will come home from college for the holiday, and will you recognize them?

12. Should Parents Take Away Cell Phones? 3 Things to Consider Taking away a teenager’s phone can be a reflexive response to misbehavior.

13. High School Stress Can Be Overwhelming: 6 Ideas to Help Teenagers Cope No. 6: Make sure your teens know they are valued for who they are and not what they achieve.

14. What Teens Are Hiding on Their Phones (And What You Can Do About It) Does your teen have ghost apps to hide their online activities? Your Teen has advice to help parents monitor how their teen is using his or her smartphone.

15. Did You Know That Telling Teenagers People Change Reduces Stress? Learn what the research says about how this simple reminder helps reduce a teenager’s stress levels.

16.  Ideas for Improving Time Management for Teens Ideas for helping teenagers improve their time management skills.

17. How Do I Teach My Daughter How to Use a Tampon? Yep, teaching our daughters to use tampons can get up close and personal.

18. My 14-Year-Old Has a Boyfriend: What are the Rules? A reader asks: My 14-Year-Old Has a Boyfriend. How intrusive should I be about the physical aspects of my daughter’s relationship? Our expert answers.

19. What I Did When I Saw Bullying in My High School When a group text turned nasty, one teen decided to stand up to bullying.

20. Meet Julie Silver and Mary Connelly We loved our chat with Los Angeles-based parents Mary Connelly, executive producer of The Ellen Show and Julie Silver, singer-songwriter.

21. The College Process: Top 5 To Dos for Junior Year The college process kicks into gear junior year. Here’s what you need to know.

22. The 6 Kinds of Parents You’ll Meet on College Visits After awhile, college tours can seem the same … including the parents!

23. What Your Son Wants on the Ride Home from School. Some Quiet Please! What does a teenage boy want on the ride home from school? Our mom blogger says it’s pretty basic: to be left alone.

24. Got a High School Senior? 6 Smart Ideas for Parenting Senior Year No. 2: Focus less on managing and more on enjoying your teenager.

25. Senior Year of High School: Surviving the Final Stretch What should a worried parent and a carefree (or care-less) senior do?

Wishing you all the best for 2017!

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