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Teenager Slang — Guidebook with Key Meanings

It is unbelievable how language can change from the hot new phrase to an archaic term before your eyes. Maybe you can get a bit closer to understanding what your teen means by “bet! That plan sounds lowkey lit.”

Warning: simply using the word won’t always do the trick, some slang can only be used in the correct situations with the right pronunciation. You may be mocked by your teen even if you use the word in the right context.

A List of Slang Words

Salty/Saudy: I’m upset

Lowkey: implies a more relaxed attitude

Bet: yes!

Sipping tea: understanding gossip

Spilling tea: gossiping to friends

To sleep on: when one sees something as underrated, Ex: “People sleep on This is Us, that show is so good.”

Deada$$: for sure, serious

Bruh: OMG are you serious?

Cross-Faded: both drunk and high

Ship: I want them to be a couple

Yeet: yikes

Sus: suspect

Fam: used when referring to a close group of friends

Bae: before anyone else

OG: original

Lit: means fun but can also be used to refer to getting drunk and high

Beef: we’re fighting over a problem

Woke: to be aware politically and socially of your surroundings

Extra: Over the top

Turnt: similar context as lit,

Roasted: verbally attacked

Plug: refers to an individual who provides drugs and alcohol

Gucci: That’s cool

I’m dead: I can’t believe it

Geeking: laughing to the extent of freaking out

Thirsty: desperate

Goat: Greatest of all time

Netflix and chill: implies sex

Throw shade: to put down, insult

Dope: cool (can refer to drugs and other activities)

Bye Felicia: I don’t need you in my life, goodbye

Finna: I’m about to or going to do something

Tight: cool

Peeps: closest friends or family

Vlog: a video-based blog

Talk smack: to belittle someone

Brodown: boys night out

Frenemy: friend that sometimes hurts your feelings.

That’s clutch: That’s cool

Are you going to roll up?: Are you going somewhere?

Player: Male who is good and/or active with the girls

Hook up: To be physical with someone without a long term commitment. It can mean having sex with that person or not. The definition varies among ages and groups.

Friends with benefits: Similar to “hooked up” above

I’m down: I agree

Texting Jargon

That was just conversations – texting is a whole new world of acronyms and slang words. Here’s our introduction into the dictionary of texting slang.

B: admiration for an individual, could be used in the context “hey b!” or “you got it b.” It is used in more dramatic terms as “bb.”

IDK: I don’t know

JK: Just kidding

LMAO: laughing my a** off

BTW: By the way

WTH: what the he**

WTF: what the f**k

LOL: laughing out loud

IDEK: I don’t even know

RN: right now

TN: tonight

Zachary Nosanchuck and Maddie Suna

Maddy Suna and Zachary Nosanchuk are seniors at Shaker Heights High School. They are interning at Your Teen Media.

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