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What Does Za Mean?

Za is a slang word for weed. There are countless slang terms for drugs, and za is one of the most commonly used slang words for marijuana by Gen Z. It is also sometimes referred to as “Za Za” to add a little bit more flare

Where does the word ‘Za’ come from?

“Za” is an abbreviation of the word “exotic” which is another slang word for marijuana. Phonetically, the word “exotic” sounds like ec-za-tick, and Gen Z has adopted the middle syllable as a slang word for weed.

Is ‘Za’ short for Pizza?

“Za” can be used to refer to pizza, but it is most commonly be used to refer to marijuana. It is important to look at the context to determine which the word is referring to. For example, if someone says “wanna smoke some za?” they are most likely not talking about pizza. Whether you read the word online, in a text, or on social media, use context clues to get the most accurate definition


The following are some examples of how someone might use the word “za” in a sentence when using it as a slang term for marijuana

“Wanna smoke some za at Jake’s house after school?”

“Do you know where I could get some za? I’m all out”

“Is it just me or does it smell like someone has zaza on them?”

“Damn, that za hit me hard”

Is Your Teen Saying Za?

Za is one of those slang words that can be alarming for parents. If you see your teenager using the word za when speaking with their friends, it might be a good time to have a talk with them about marijuana and drug use. As a parent, it is important to keep up with teen slang so you can be in the loop of what they’re up to. Pay attention to what Gen Z is saying so that you can understand and communicate with them to a greater degree.