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Meet the Team

Meet our talented team members, working to bring you fresh ideas, resources, and conversation every day.

Susan Borison
Publisher & Editor-In-Chief
Susan founded Your Teen because she wanted to read a magazine about raising teenagers. Her five kids get final approval for any personal exposure. To her teenage self: if you share your insecurities with others, you’ll find you’re never the only one.
Stephanie Silverman
Publisher & Chief Revenue Officer
Stephanie loves being the co-owner of YT Media because it changed everything (for the better) about her parenting 3 great kids (2 still teens). Laughter goes a LONG way in their household - pretty much anything is fair game. To her teenage self: You will (mostly) outgrow your anxiety - relax.
Mindy Gallagher
Social Media Manager
Mindy is the mother of three boys, has an MSW and a husband of almost 30 years! To her teenage self: Keep being you, good things are coming. Trust me.
Kamyra Harding
Content Manager
Kamyra Harding is a reading addict, mistake maker, wife, mother and daughter, trying hard to get it all right. To her teenage self: Ignore their expectations, be your authentic self.
Melissa Hed
Managing Digital Editor
Melissa, a former litigator, turned her love of telling stories about her clients into a career as an author and editor. She’s the mom of two young adults who astound her with their creativity. Her hobbies include audiobooks, k-dramas, organic gardening, and raising chickens. To her teenage self: “Babe, there is no perfect. Give it your best effort, then let it go, trust, and move on.”
Meredith Pangrace
Creative Director
Meredith is an award-winning designer who has been with Your Teen since their launch in 2007. To her teenage self: she wishes she could tell her teenage self to wear sunscreen, not to quit piano lessons, and to buy some Apple stock.
Jessica Port
SEO Expert/Assistant Editor
Jessica is an aspiring writer, SEO expert, and somewhat-recent teen, who loves to read, write, and play video games. To her teenage self: “You don’t need to try to fix the world, you just need to be the best person you can be.”
Holly Rizzuto Palker
Holly is an award-winning writer, a mom to three unique children, and a dog mom to an adorable Jack Russell. She is grateful she has the chance to share heartfelt stories through writing and editing. Holly enjoys pilates, playing mahjong, and musical theater. To her teenage self: "Stop apologizing and be proud of who you are."
Shari Silk
Director, Integrated Marketing
Shari's a mother of three who believes it is never too late to reinvent herself and experience new things. She says that no matter how old she is, she always feels 16; a good thing to be young at heart! To her teenage self: Search for the things you feel passionate about, and that make you happy.
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