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What Does Gyat Mean?

Gyat is one of the most popular slang terms to come out in the last couple of years. Along with other terms like rizz, it was popularized through its repeated use by Twitch streamers such as Kai Cenat. As the term gyat gained popularity, it spread on tiktok and is now a part of the mainstream. In this article we dive into what it means and where it came from.

What Does Gyat mean?

Gyat is short for “god damn” and is most commonly used as an exclamation of someone’s nice butt. It is also used as a noun, meaning nice butt. The concept is that an exceptionally attractive butt makes someone say “god damn” when seeing it.

Where Did Gyat Come From?

People online started misspelling the phrase “god damn” as “gyat dayum” to put emphasis on their exclamation. This was often used when making posts online, and Nicki Minaj has tweets from over 10 years ago where she uses the word gyat. However, it was not particularly used for butts and attractiveness until Twitch streamers began to popularize the term. Kai Cenat took the word gyat to another level by screaming it at the top of his lungs when he saw a butt he found attractive. His audience was extremely entertained by the over-the-top exclamation and began to adopt the term in their day-to-day lives.

Is the Word Gyat Inappropriate?

Considering the word is most commonly used to compliment a woman’s butt, it isn’t entirely appropriate. While many find it to be a fun and amusing term, it could be perceived as inappropriate or objectifying when unsolicited.

What does Gyat Mean on TikTok and Instagram?

If you see gyat in a comment on tiktok or instagram, the user is saying that the person in the post has a voluptuous butt. This comment can also have alternative spellings such as gyatt, gyaaatttt, and gyatt dayumm for emphasis in their exclamation.

Gyat Meme

The term gyat has also been turned into a meme. Many find the exclamation really funny and try to take it to different levels through memes. There are countless compilations of Kai Cenat yelling “GYATT” at various women, and those videos have been turned into images and memes.

Teen Slang Gyat

At the end of the day, gyat is just another word made up and used by younger generations. Teen slang is always evolving, and creators on Twitch and TikTok are the origins of a lot of the new words. It is important to know the meanings and origins of words before you use them, so that you don’t unintentionally offend anyone or cause embarrassment.