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What Does Bussin Mean?

Bussin means that something is extremely good and delicious. It is most often used to describe yummy food, but can also be used in other ways. You can use the word bussin to describe anything that is exceptional and surpasses expectations with how good it is.

How To Use The Word Bussin

The most common usage of the word bussin is to describe food and comes at the end of a statement. Here are some examples:
“Who made this guac? It’s bussin!”

“That new pizza spot down the street is bussin! Can’t wait to go back”

“The BBQ in South Carolina is next level bussin”

“That glizzy bussin fr no cap on god”

Saying Bussin Bussin For Emphasis

When you want to emphasize that something is bussin, you can say bussin bussin. Saying bussin bussin just means that something is seriously bussin.

Where Does The Word Come From?

Bussin is a part of African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and is believed to originate from the words “busting” or “bursting”. It is similar to the way that something delicious can be described as “bursting with flavor”.

While the word is decades old, it didn’t become popular in mainstream media until it started being used on TikTok. There is a huge community of food reviewers and eaters on TikTok. It became extremely popular in 2020. The word then spread beyond TikTok and it was used by the mainstream as teen slang.

What is Bussin on TikTok

On TikTok the tag #bussin is used mainly by videos that showcase delicious foods. When someone eats something that is very tasty and flavorful, they will often exclaim that it is bussin.

The #bussin hashtag has over 7.7 billion views. One creator who uses this hashtag frequently is dpeezy2099 who has a series called “is it bussin or disgustin”. In this series, he tries a variety of foods to determine if he likes it or not, and either calls it bussin or disgustin.

what does bussin mean on tiktok?

Is Bussin a Nice Word?

The word bussin is not harmful or derogatory in any way. Unlike gyat or rizz, tt is a completely appropriate word to be used by people of all ages. The word is used to compliment something that is very good or tasty, so it is definitely a positive word to use. As always, it is extremely important to take context into consideration when determining whether or not the usage of a word is appropriate.