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What Does Fanum Tax Mean?

“Fanum tax” is the act of taking a portion of food from a friend. It is essentially forcing them to share part of their meal or snack with you.

What is the Origin of Fanum Tax?

Like a lot of Gen Z slang, the term “fanum tax” originated from the Kai Cenat Twitch stream. During one of his streams, another streamer named Fanum came in and took Kai’s cookies. Starting from that moment, the phrase fanum tax was used whenever Fanum came into the stream and took food.

Since Kai Cenat streams a lot of hours per day, he eats meals often while livestreaming in front of tens of thousands of people. This made “fanum tax” an easily recurring action that quickly became a running joke within the fanbase.


Fanum Tax – Twitch and TikTok Slang

There is a collective online called AMP, which stands for “Any Means Possible”. This is a group of online content creators that have gained massive popularity on YouTube and Twitch. Both Fanum and Kai are members of the group AMP, and the crew quickly adopted their new lingo of fanum tax. After the creators started using the phrase, their viewers found it entertaining and began to use it too. It was very commonly seen spammed in twitch chat whenever someone took food from someone else. Eventually, the term spread beyond Twitch and into short form viral platforms such as TikTok.

You’re so Fanum Tax

In 2023 there was a viral tiktok sound that featured the phrase “fanum tax” and contributed to its popularity outside of Twitch. The song goes “sticking out your gyat for the rizzler, you’re so skibidi, you’re so fanum tax, I just want to be your sigma”. This song went viral because it felt like the first time that Gen Alpha had started to produce its own viral memes. Gen Z creators on tiktok spoke up about feeling out of the look on the new lingo and began to realize they’re no longer the newest generation online.

After that song went viral, the phrase “you’re so fanum tax” was used ironically by Gen Z creators to express the ridiculousness of the new Gen Alpha slang. Some creators mocked the term by saying things like “how do I pay my fanum taxes??”

@waxsdd give views #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #dahood ♬ original sound – waxsdd

Fanum Tax Examples

The phrase “fanum tax” is used whenever someone takes food from their friends. Here are some examples of how it could be used:

“You have doritos? Let me get my fanum tax”

“Paul always takes fanum tax but never shares his snacks”

“You’re so fanum tax”