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Helicopter Parenting Articles From Parents, Teens And Experts

Helicopter Parents’ Stories

Sam Markle TEEN 1.
 “You look around, expecting to find a swarm of bees, but find your mother looking over your shoulder at your computer screen.” It’s important for parents to set limits, but this teen thinks sometimes, parents don’t know when to let a kid become more independent. How can teens make mistakes and learn from them if parents don’t let them make mistakes in the first place? Read more.

Morgan_Holloman TEEN 2. Sometimes, kids really do need help from their parents. But other times, it just helps them get away with procrastination. How can this teen learn to problem solve and grow from her mistakes if her parents always call the school or help her finish her homework at the last minute?  Read more.

Helicopter Parents Speak Out

#13 TOP 13 HELICOPTER MOMENTS. We’ve all been guilty of a helicopter moment or two. So we collected our top 13 from family, friends, readers and experts. Some are funny, but maybe some hit a little too close to home… Read more.

We know what a helicopter parent is. But what is a tiger mom? Is it different from a helicopter mom? In a world of over-involvement with our children’s lives, how is a tiger mom different? Read more.

Expert Parenting Advice

Helicopter_Mom LANDING THE HELICOPTER. Do you often get too involved in your teen’s life in an effort to prevent hurt or failure? On the surface, this seems like a fine thing to do. But maybe in the end, this sort of behavior does more to hurt our teens than help them. So how can you “Land Your Helicopter”? Our Experts have answers. Read more.

Deborah_Gilboa EXPERT ADVICE. Why do we become helicopter parents? Because we’re anxious for our teens. But if this behavior isn’t helpful, how do we stop being helicopter parents? Deborah Gilboa, MD, a.k.a. Dr. G, offers advice for parents who still want to help, but are worried they’re becoming too involved in their teenager’s lives. Read more.

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