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Which School Is A Perfect Fit? How To Find the Right College

Are You Looking The Right College?

Some colleges are a great fit for your student—others not so much. But not everyone knows how to choose a college. Are you looking for the right college? Tom Hoiles, director of enrollment management and student services from Kent State University, offers tips to help you find the right college.

This presentation was part of Your Teen Magazine‘s College Event Cleveland in January 2015. To see all the presentations from the College Event Cleveland, click here.

Find The Right College Here


My name is Tom Hoiles, director or enrolment management and student services at Kent University Geauga Campus and regional academic center. As I shared with some of you at my table, I’ve been doing it for forty-one years, and this is my last one. Yes! Free time is on the horizon. All right, so the name of this program is Finding the Right College. Here make sure everyone gets one of these. You can make an airplane or whatever. Finding the Right College. One of the issues I’ve found in all of my years in this business is the number of students who go from one college to another college and either lose credits, lose time, cost mom and dad money and heartache, because they picked the wrong school from the very beginning.

And I think that doing the research early, I’ve had a number of young people come up to me and say, “ Well I’m only in the eighth grade” or “I’m only in the ninth grade.” I go, “Wonderful, that’s who I want to talk to, because if you’re a senior it’s too late.”

Finding the right college is having a plan, and what I say is making the option open for the student to select what school he or she wants to attend, not have the school tell them which school they can go to. Understand how that works? Do we? Good, because if you don’t, we’re going to learn it. If you do have questions, then I’m going to do my best, because I may do poorly, to have five or ten minutes to answer questions. This is the slowest power point machine I’ve ever seen. Come on. There it is. All right. Hi, come on in. Have one of these.

There’s some primary consideration. One, the most important of mine is what is your academic interests. You have to know what you want to be.

(To see the rest of the presentation, please view our attached video)

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