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Mother Knows Best: 25 Things My Mom Was Right About (So Far)

Dear Mom,

As a freshman in college, I will admit that there are still a lot of things that don’t yet make sense to me, but I’m here to tell you what I have started to piece together. I’ve realized on a daily basis, I see the crystal clear signs that remind me that Mother knows best. So now I want to let you know that you were right when you told me.

25 Things Mom Was Right About

  1. Don’t pick at the pimple.
  2. It probably looks better on than it does on the hanger.
  3. A black tank top under a white shirt isn’t a solution.
  4. If you’re not sure if it’s worth buying, wait and see if you’re still thinking about it three days later.
  5. I don’t need all of that dark eyeliner to look good.
  6. Never travel without your glasses, and while you’re at it, just make a packing list.
  7. It’s worth it to practice piano.
  8. It’s worth it to lose the weight.
  9. Write everything down. No one has a perfect memory.
  10. “I know it’s sad now, but one day it’s going to be a very funny story.”
  11. Don’t dig yourself a hole at the beginning of the semester just to climb out of it at the end.
  12. It’s not attractive to look like you’re trying to get attention.
  13. Don’t do anything that you would call stupid if you saw the story of someone who did it in news the next day.
  14. Not every minute of the day has to be filled with social plans. Chill.
  15. It’s never worth it to get caught in a lie.
  16. Body language matters.
  17. I’m so much fun that I don’t need alcohol.
  18. Text messages aren’t the appropriate way to ask for a favor or sincerely thank an adult. Pick up the phone and call.
  19. Always try to get an A, because sometimes you’ll still end up with a B…and if you only try for a B, then you’ll probably end up with a C.
  20. Even the good boys change their minds, so continue to love, but make sure not to lose yourself.
  21. My little sister will learn from my behavior.
  22. Shortcuts aren’t usually shortcuts.
  23. My sisters are the reason I smile every day.
  24. Dad is the most incredible human being to walk this planet.
  25. “I really think you will thank me for this one day.”

…Today is the day. Thank you, Mom. I love you.

P.S. One thing that I still stand by: Leggings ARE pants. Leggings are the best kind of pants. They look AWESOME. They FEEL AWESOME. That is why everyone wears leggings as pants. Long live my leggings!!!

Tali Laserson is a recent college grad.

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