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Find The Right College: Choosing The Right College For Your Teen

Some colleges are a great fit for your student—others not so much. But which college is right for your teen? Aaron Greene from College Liftoff offers tips to find the right college.


This presentation was part of Your Teen Magazine‘s College Event Columbus in April 2015. To see all the presentations from the College Event Columbus, click here.

Choosing the “Right Fit” College and Career Planning


Well welcome! Uh oh. Okay, so I’ll at least start. So when we’re talking about choosing the right-fit school for your student, it’s kind of an undercover way of talking about career planning with your student, because that’s going to end up being the driver of every decision you make regarding school choice. So when we start there as a foundation, we build from that level up. And you all know about building a home. Start with a good solid foundation and then we can build up successfully.

So what we’re going to cover is talking about what a “Best Fit” school even is, the characteristics of that type of school? What’s your best fit role as a parent, how can you be a best parent through this process, what are some things you can do to support your student in making these decisions? How do you develop a target list of schools? And really at the end of the day, this is a product of the hard work and career development and evaluating the academic programs that we’ll talk through with you. You know, the target list development becomes kind of a quick task at the end of the day. And then some tips on moving forward.

So we’re big Stephen Covey fans. He has stayed true to the work that he’s done, and habit number two is beginning with the end in mind. We talked a little bit about this in the last session because some folks wanted to go to the life skills class, did anybody go to that already? Life skills? So we talked about, you know, beginning with the end in mind, having a goal and positioning our students to have a goal going into this whole college planning deal.

(To view the rest of the presentation, please view our attached video)

Aaron Greene is the founder of College Liftoff

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