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The Disorganized Student: Proven Student Success Strategies

Watch the Video: Your Teen presented a free panel discussion for parents, “The Disorganized Student: Proven Strategies for Student Success” on Tuesday, April 24, 2012. Teens and professionals answered questions from parents on the topic. Watch the full video here.



[adrotate banner=”98″]Good evening. My name is Stephanie Silverman, and I’m one of the publishers of Your Teen Media. On behalf of my business partner Susan Borison, and the Your Teen staff, welcome to our spring event, The Disorganized Student. We’re thrilled to see all of you this evening. I’d like to thank our lead sponsor, Tree of Knowledge. We’re delighted to have them as our sponsor on this very important topic. Judging by our attendance, we know the topic is top of mind for so many parents and educators.

Our audience is in for a treat this evening, as each of our panelists bring so much knowledge, as well as a unique perspective to our topic. Please feel free to jot down questions on the cards provided at registration, and we’ll come around and collect them for the Q & A part of the evening. If you don’t have, just kind of put your hands up when I walk down, I’ll grab some, and we have pens as well. And additionally in the back page of your program, there’s a page for notes, so feel free to jot some stuff down there as well.

Just a quick overview of the evening, afterword I’m going to introduce Vivian Garfunkel, and Todd Meany from Fox 8. We’ll then take over with a quick exercise and then lead us into the panel discussion.

Please join me in welcoming Vivian Garfunkel. Vivian is the director of special education for Virtual Schoolhouse, and runs federal twenty-first century programming. She was an intervention specialist at Whitcliff Middle School, and started their special education program.

(For the rest of the presentation, please watch the video)

Stephanie Schaeffer Silverman is publisher of Your Teen Magazine.

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