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Helping The Disorganized Student: Causes Of Disorganization

Late assignments. Missing homework. Lost everything. If this sounds familiar, then you may have a disorganized student on your hands. Your Teen‘s panel of experts offer insights into WHY it happens and HOW parents can help.

This panel discussion was held in November 2014 and features Jill Miller Zimon (moderator), Dr. Michael Manos of the Cleveland Clinic, Meg Foglietti, Julian Foglietti, and Nicki Salfer of Learning Concepts. The event was sponsored by Tree of Knowledge.



Jill Miller Zimon: Thank you very much, good evening. Great audience tonight. My name is Jill Miller Zimon. I’m the moderator for this event, I’m really excited to be here, I have three kids of my own, so I guarantee I’m going to be just as interested as you in what our panelists have to say tonight.

[adrotate banner=”98″]I’m going to give a little bit of an introduction, and then we’re going to go right into it, and the thing I want to make clear is that we’re all on the same page, that we want to provide tools, tips, and techniques, and make everybody feel comfortable with the subject, because it’s not always an easy subject to be talking about. But you’re not alone, and we’ve got some great people here tonight to help explore how it is that people who come together over these issues learn how to find strength in each other and tools and techniques for being able to move forward. We want to be sure that you have some things that you can take away from here that are going to help you in helping your family and helping your kid.

So first off we have Dr. Michael Manos. Dr. Manos is a Ph.D., and he is head for the center of pediatric behavioral health at Cleveland Clinic Children’s. Next we have Meg and Julian Foglietti. Meg is a former teacher and Julian is a high school senior. And then we have Nicki Salfer. Nicki is the founder and director of Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy, and CEO of Learning Concepts. Both Dr. Manos and Nicki also serve as adjunct professors, so they both also do some teaching. We’re going to start with Dr. Manos, we want to define what it is we’re talking about.

(The full presentation)

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