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A Family Hallmark Series: The Good Witch Is The Show To Watch

The setup sounds cheesy. A small family and a haunted house? We’ve heard it all before. But somehow, The Good Witch tv series manages to set itself apart.

The offbeat adventures begin when Doctor Sam Radford and his teenage son move to the middle of nowhere: Middleton. Their neighbor is Cassie Nightingale. Cassie, of course, is a witch. She lives in a haunted house with her young daughter, Grace. Cassie Nightingale is not your typical witch. She doesn’t wear black robes, she doesn’t carry a wand, and she doesn’t cackle. Instead, she uses her unseen powers to make the world a better place. Naturally, the Radfords are charmed by their magical neighbors. Together, they form a tender and confusing relationship.

There’s something addictive about The Good Witch’s characters. James Denton plays Doctor Sam Radford. A single father, he struggles with the ordinary aches and pains of being a parent. Catherine Bell plays Cassie. Her charm makes her irresistible. Cassie’s teenage daughter Grace is played by the talented Bailee Madison. 

The Good Witch TV Show: Fun For The Whole Family

The Good Witch does three things really, really well:

Good Witch-2Thing #1: It blends opposite worlds. Usually, witchcraft and reality live in two separate universes. It’s hard to create the perfect balance between fantasy and reality. The Good Witch takes small town drama, and adds a touch of magic. Sorcery oozes into every crack of normality.

Thing #2: It makes you feel warm and fuzzy. The Good Witch leaves you with neatly packaged morals. In a world of gloomy newspaper headlines, a “feel good” TV show might be just what you’re looking for.

Thing #3: It’s relevant. The Good Witch isn’t just about potions and magic spells. It wrestles with ideas about love, hate, and family. After all, Sam and Cassie are parents.

In an interview with Your Teen Magazine, actor James Denton describes his fictional son. “He’s fifteen and in one of those difficult phases. He bucks authority and contradicts everything his father says. He thinks his dad hates him because I moved him out of New York to this small town. All he wants is to go back to the city and his friends. They’re in a really tough stage in their relationship.” Sound familiar?

Tune in to the two-hour Hallmark series premier, The Good Witch, on Saturday, February 28, 2015 (8:00 pm ET).

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