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Male Eating Disorders: Adding Boys To The Conversation

Teenage Boys And Eating Disorders

Two boys, two mothers and two experts share their experiences and expertise. Eating disorders are not exclusively a female diagnosis. Teenage boys develop eating disorders that are dangerous and deadly. Find out the similarities and differences between male and female eating disorders.

Jay_Walker TEEN 1 | Jay Walker
This young man realized he had an eating disorder in college. After years of struggling with food and eating, his anorexia finally became too much fo
r him. Read how he began his personal recovery process. Read more.

Jacob_RothTEEN 2 | Jacob D. Roth
After many years of poor body image and loneliness, this boy lost sixty pounds in six months by starving himself. He almost didn’t recognize it for what it was; anorexia. Learn how he overcame his disorder, and why it’s important to understand that anorexia is not a strictly female disease. Read more.


PARENT 1 | Anonymous
This mother had never heard of a boy having an eating disorder. Yet, when her son’s weight plummeted, she realized there was something insidious happening. How did she get her son the help that he needed? Read more.

Ellen_RothPARENT  2 | Ellen Roth
When her son’s health began to deteriorate in college, Ellen didn’t know what to do. She struggled to accept her son’s illness, and he struggled to accept her help. How did Ellen overcome her fear and pain to finally help save her son from his illness. Read more.

Mark_WarrenEXPERT 1 | Mark Warren, MD, MPH, FAED
Eating disorders are when a person wants to be thin, and struggles with self-image. Right? No, says Dr. Warren, Medical Director, Cleveland Center for Eating Disorders. Eating disorders are often misunderstood, and far more complicated that parents give it credit. Read more.

EXPERT 2 | Christopher Clark, executive director of N.A.M.E.D.
Christopher Clark interviewed one boy recovering from an eating disorder. What did this young man say helped him recover? What made it harder? Learn firsthand what this teen says his parents did to help and hurt, and how you can help your teen. Read more.

EXPERT 3 | Dr. Ahmed Boachie and Dr. Karin Jasper
Many people associate Eating Disorders with teenage girls. But nowadays, boys are closing that gap. So how are male Eating Disorders different than female? What are the differences? And how can you spot them? Read more.

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