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Step-Families: Personal Stories, Professional Advice

Stories of Step-Parenting

Blended or step-families can be very challenging and the step-parent can find him or herself in a difficult position. Even with the best intentions, blending a family can be painful. Your Teen compiled stories from two parents and one teen that offer different perspectives, and a professional offers helpful advice.


What is the response to, “You’re not my mother” or “You’re not my father?” Read more. 


We’ve been at this thing called “Blended Family” for over five years, and I can safely say that it’s been both a challenge and surprise for all parties involved… Read one step-dad’s story.


When my husband and I first married, it never occurred to me that his then 14-year-old daughter might join us in our new home. At the time, she was very close with her mom and inseparable from her tight group of friends on the other side of town. I should have known that things could change and regret never having the “what if” conversation with my husband before we married… Read one step-mom’s story.


Many families in America are blended; my family is one of them. I have both a step-mom and a step-dad.

I have found that there are more advantages than disadvantages. Being in a blended family means that there are more people to love me and for me to love. I have no problems with my step-parents. I was blessed with a good set. They love me as their own, and so I feel comfortable around them, which is very important to me because if I didn’t, how could I accept them into my life? Whenever I’m frustrated, I can get more than one opinion that I trust on the issue… Read one teen’s story. 


After a divorce, parents and children worry that there will never be a “happily ever after.” Parents who do find new partners often discover that their children and step-children do not enthusiastically respond to their second chance at love. In fact, everyone involved— the parent, step-parent, and child—usually view remarriage from unique, and not always compatible, positions… Read our expert’s advice.

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