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My Step-Family: The Advantages Of A Blended Family

Many families in America are blended; my family is one of them. I have both a step-mom and a step-dad.

I have found that there are more advantages than disadvantages. Being in a blended family means that there are more people to love me and for me to love. I have no problems with my step-parents. I was blessed with a good set. They love me as their own, and so I feel comfortable around them, which is very important to me because if I didn’t, how could I accept them into my life? Whenever I’m frustrated, I can get more than one opinion that I trust on the issue.

I love all of them so much that the biggest disadvantage is finding time to see all of them with my school, work and other activities.

When you live in a blended family, you have to treat everyone equally, in my opinion, and working everyone in gets tough. Holidays are the toughest. When I was little, I always wanted my family to be together. I wanted my dad and my mom there, together, when I opened my presents or went on an Easter Egg hunt. I soon found the advantage to separate holidays though, like double the presents, two Easter baskets and two neighborhoods for trick-or-treating.

It was hard to cope when one of my parents moved from my hometown to another city. It’s not always easy to just drop everything for a weekend and go to another city, especially when I couldn’t drive or had other plans. But, I’ve made so many new friends because of it, and so now the distance feels like a big advantage.

Basically, being a part of a blended family comes with advantages and disadvantages. You just need to look at the bright side and work to overcome the little obstacles, like everything in life.

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