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How Does Divorce Look to You? Stories from Parents, Teens, and Experts

Today, about half of teenagers have parents who are divorced. In this series of articles on divorce, parents and teenagers share their experiences. Plus, we’ve got expert advice from Dr. George Glass, author of Blending Families Successfully.

Parent 1

Heidi (Goldstein) Friedman HeadshotBy Heidi (Goldstein) Friedman

“Sometimes life doesn’t turn out as planned.” Raising children is certainly hard, but raising children after a divorce brings about a whole different set of challenges. However, as this mother has learned, it’s not impossible. Ten years after her divorce, this mother shares five pieces of advice that she has learned for herself.  Read more.

Parent 2

Jennifer Cronin Thomas HeadshotBy Jennifer Cronin Thomas

After this mother’s divorce, both parents still worked incredibly hard to make sure that their children were cared for–to the point that some friends didn’t even realize they’d divorced. Creating their own schedule, sticking to it, and putting their children first helped this family manage their divorce. Despite it’s challenges, they’ve made their situation work. Read more.

Teen 1

Student Hannah Steiss HeadshotBy Hannah Steiss

When this teen’s parents separated, she worried that her life would be broken. It’s hard not to when divorced households are often referred to as “Broken Homes”. But after her parents split up, she discovered that the new “normal” wasn’t really that bad. It was just different, and took some time to get used to. Read more.


Dr. George Glass, author of Blending Families SuccessfullyBy Dr. George Glass

Sometimes, change is hard for teens. Even if it’s better in the long run, moving forward can be scary and confusing. This expert offers advice on building a healthy blended family after divorce. Read more.

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