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Coping with Divorce: Parents, Teens and Professional

One mom, one dad and three teenage daughters share their stories of coping with divorce. Dr. Amy Lee offers professional advice. As one daughter said, “In divorce, the children’s opinions should matter, especially teenagers. Don’t exclude or make light of our feelings.”

Divorce can be hard, but it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, according to this teen. Although it took a bit of time to adjust to her new life, and her new living situations, she has grown to appreciate what she has. As she says, attitude goes a long way. Read more.

This teen has undergone many of the challenges of being a child of a messy divorce. Now she struggles with finding forgiveness when her family has been torn so thoroughly apart. With her parents’ struggle, and the messy court proceedings during the divorce, how has this teen fared throughout the process? Read more.

After this family’s divorce, the custody arrangements have dictated the lives of the two children. This teen always assumed that the system would protect the children of divorce, but after the custody disputes, do they feel the same way? Read more.

This mom divorced while her children were teenagers. And although she really did feel prepared for many of the challenges of getting a divorce, there were many things she wasn’t ready for. One of these things turned out to be dating. Read more.

Being a present dad after divorce can be a struggle, especially when custody comes into question. This dad believes in the importance of divorced fathers maintaining relationships with their children. Maybe it’s not the perfect situation, but a father deserves to be an influence over their teens.  Read more.

Divorce is a complex and painful experience for families everywhere. How can parents make sure that they are taking care of their children? What can parents do to ease the stress of divorce? This expert has advice. Read more.

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