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So What Are Your Family Thanksgiving Traditions?

At Your Teen, we are grateful for the opportunity to have meaningful work. We share our victories and our failures. Most often, we share laughter. Our Your Teen family will take Thanksgiving day to enjoy family. Here are our Thanksgiving traditions. What is your family tradition?

Your Teen Staff’s Thanksgiving Rituals

We spend ALL of Thanksgiving weekend making pilgrim jokes since my husband is a Mayflower descendant. While we eat we each say what we are thankful for. Pretty standard. –Eca Taylor

In the evening after our dinner and all the clean up is done and guests have left, we (me, husband & kids) take a long walk around the neighborhood. –Mindy Gallagher

From the time I was a child then became a mom, we always looked forward to going to my aunt and uncle’s in Pennsylvania for a large family Thanksgiving. As that side of the family shrunk, we needed to come up with new family rituals. Now we cook, my son makes homemade pies and  we spend the morning delivering Meals on Wheels to homebound older adults. Life changes and sometimes new rituals take a few years to settle in but we now happily look forward to Thanksgiving again. –Lisa Golovan

Cook, cook, cook. Eat, eat, eat. Go for a long walk. Watch a movie. Enjoy family! Sleep! –Diana Simeon

Our holiday ritual is to go around the table and say what we are grateful for.  As the kids have grown up the responses tend to be funnier and funnier. –Shari Silk

Every year we celebrate Thanksgiving with close friends. The ritual involves lengthy debates over a movie that will appeal to eight kids and four adults. Beforehand, the kids check in to make sure we will be having the usual – baked salami and soup in bread bowls plus turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. –Susan Borison

Dinner at our nearby cousins – always fun for my kids with their older, cooler cousins. To the annoyance of our 93 year old grandmother, we will cue up a classic Modern Family and enjoy it together. –Stephanie Silverman

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