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What Are You Thankful For? The Your Teen Staff Gives Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. and our Your Teen family is taking the day off to spend it with family and friends. We’ve been reflecting on what this holiday means to us and thought we’d share some of the many reasons we’re giving thanks today. We’d love to know what you’re thankful for—and we hope we’ve made the list!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Your Teen family to you. May you make memories as sweet as your favorite pie.

What We’re Thankful For

Susan Borison, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief:  I’m thankful for a home spouse who makes me laugh and a work spouse who makes me laugh. I’m thankful for my kids who laugh, even when it’s at me. And I’m thankful for unconditional love from Riley (the dog).

Stephanie Silverman, Publisher and Chief Revenue Officer:  I am thankful for my family, a job that I love, the occasional ability to sleep through the night, COFFEE for all the mornings when I don’t, and girlfriends that inspire me, support me, and make me laugh beyond control. I am deeply grateful that my family never suggested a swear jar (for me).

Sharon Holbrook, Managing Editor:  These days, gratitude grabs me in the little moments: Walking to school with my youngest, who shares my love of the small details of nature as well as my daily hope for a glimpse of a deer or duck (to which we will respond with equal glee). My husband willingly hopping out on a winter night to scrape the snow or pump the gas while I stay cozy in a warm car. “Can I have a hug, Mom?” from the teenager who is taller than me. The prolific imagination of my middle child, whose stories never fail to delight me. Hot tea. Warm cats, blankets, and socks. And, of course, Trader Joe’s Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Almonds. Life can be so good, and today it is.

Mindy Gallagher, Social Media Manager:  I am thankful to have my family and friends together at my home this Thanksgiving. I am thankful for good friends, new experiences, great memories and lots of laughter.

Amy Lambrecht, Director of Content Partnerships:  This year, I’m thankful for FaceTime which keeps me personally connected to my loved ones around the world, and my boss Stephanie, every day. I’m also thankful for my tribe of friends who motivate, support and keep me thinking. Finally, I’m thankful to join a team of hardworking authentic women at a very exciting time for Your Teen Media!

Jen Proe, Sponsored Content Editor:  I am thankful for the wise, warm and witty women I work with at Your Teen Magazine! (Do I get extra points for alliteration?) I’m also thankful for the good health of family members, the lasting friendships forged during the years of raising small children to emerging adulthood, and in particular, for my a cappella group, which doubles as weekly group therapy. I’d also like to thank Prosecco for being invented. Special shout out to the creator of Almond Joys, my stress-eating food of choice.

Danyelle Chambers, Associate Digital Marketing Strategist:  This year I’m thankful for all of the wonderful opportunities and experiences I’ve been afforded. I’m also thankful for my friends and family who are understanding of my busy schedule. I’m thankful for Starbucks and Panera, and the free wi-fi they provide that allows me to work and eat at the same time!

Jane Parent, Senior Editor:  This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for not having to travel anywhere, for my husband driving to the airport on the busiest travel night of the year so I don’t have to, for all of my kids coming home from their busy college and post-college lives, for a day where we all laugh and cook and eat too much with nowhere else to be, for my mother teaching me how to make pie crust from scratch, for not having the Dallas Cowboys-Detroit Lions game on my tv, for a puppy that is finally sleeping through the night, for my UPS driver, Kevin, who makes it unnecessary for me to participate in Black Friday the next day.

Jessica Port, Assistant Editor:  I’m thankful that I’m constantly surrounded by wonderful caring people everywhere I go. I’m also thankful for the concept of cheesecake.

Eca Taylor, Circulation and Data Manager:  I’m thankful for my health, seriously! I’m thankful for my two daughters who have grown up to be lovely young women, especially after some rough teenage years. I’m thankful for my husband who doesn’t always understand me but just shakes his head and lets me be me. I’m thankful for laughter, books, space heaters, and chocolate.

Kristina Wright, Digital Editorial Manager:  I’m giving thanks for a good year filled with unexpected surprises. I’m thankful for an understanding husband who leaves me alone when I’m under deadline and brings me tea and chocolate when I need a boost. I’m also thankful for two sweet kids who are finally learning to appreciate my cooking and who still want to hang out with me. I’m thankful for the Great British Baking ShowDownton Abbey and The Crown, all of which I binge-watched for the first time this year. I’m especially thankful for a Starbucks that’s 2.4 miles from my house.