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I’m Dreaming of an Imperfect Christmas: Teenage Christmas Problems

When I was a kid, and even now, I experienced highlights and inconveniences to waking up on Christmas morning. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Christmas, but there are always some flaws that get in the way of a perfect holiday.

There is always at least one flaw that ruins the idea of a perfect holiday. Getting sick has always been a huge issue for me. Ever since I was a baby, I’d seem to get sick Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. It’s a huge struggle because I don’t feel like getting out of bed, let alone visiting anyone. Even if I’m not sick, someone in the family is always sick.

christmas tree from belowI have also never been a fan of Santa. It wasn’t the thought of some weird, old man shimmying down the chimney; it was actually seeing him in malls and at my great-grandma’s house. Every time I saw Santa, I would be scared to death! Now, thankfully, I’m not frightened by Santa because I’ve gotten used to him.

In addition, I HATE Christmas caroling! I know most people go out in the freezing cold and sing door-to-door, but I can’t stand it! I used to really enjoy it until 3rd grade. My music teacher decided to have a Christmas caroling night where some kids and their parents could meet outside of the school and go caroling. My dad went with me after I annoyed him with begs. It was the wrong decision, however. We went caroling and almost every house we went to, someone wasn’t home or they slammed the door in our face, not to mention it was FREEZING! I am never doing that again!

Lastly, taking down all the decorations you spent days on is a big struggle for me. Don’t worry though; my experiences with Christmas aren’t always a tragedy.

For me, Christmas has some perks that cancel out the inconveniences. I’ve always loved giving and receiving gifts, I mean, who doesn’t? When I give gifts, I love seeing my friends’ or family’s eyes light up in excitement. Receiving gifts is different than giving, but I still love the excitement of opening a present, not knowing what’s inside.

Besides giving and receiving gifts, I love helping my mom decorate! We usually end up playing with the garland.

My mom and I also love baking Christmas goodies! Brownies, cookies, fudge, yum!

I also enjoy watching Christmas movies. My favorite Christmas movie is Elf! I could watch that even if it wasn’t Christmas!

Last, but not least, visiting family. Even though, there could be family drama, visiting relatives is fun, especially when you haven’t seen them in ages!

The Christmas holiday may be a pain, but it also has perks that make it fun.

The imperfections are what make the holiday perfect.

No matter what flaws there are, my Christmas could never be ruined. I wouldn’t want my Christmas being absolutely perfect, anyway, because if it were, it’d be boring.

Amanda Irvine is a high school student from New York.

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