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Dad Loves Vegas: Dad Can’t Wait to Take His Kids When They Turn 21!

Dad Loves Vegas and Wants to Share with Kids at 21!

This dad loves Vegas. I don’t have a gambling problem (although my wife might argue that point). I just love the excitement, the action, the fact that it never closes, and that it is such an escape from the daily routine of normal life. It’s a vacation like no other, and it’s one that I’ve enjoyed quite a bit in the past. It’s also a place I hope to enjoy in the future with my kids.

It seems that I have passed that genetic (or possibly environmentally influenced) trait on to my children. It is not uncommon to walk into our house on a weekend afternoon and see a number us playing Texas Holdem. What might be more shocking, or perhaps impressive, is when we’re playing craps and my eleven year old is yelling “give me a hard 10, and press the nine” (he was doing that at seven also).

When I turned 50, I made myself a birthday party in Las Vegas. I was able to celebrate with my whole family as well as some good friends. (I didn’t even mind turning 50 at that point!) My kids were awestruck. They can’t wait to go back to the city.

Over the years I have enjoyed sharing my love for Vegas and my many Vegas stories with the kids. They’re great listeners, and really enjoy the fun.

Vegas For 21st Birthday

I decided that I would take each of my kids to Las Vegas for their 21st birthdays, assuming they were interested in gambling and the excitement. I know that at that point it might be more exciting to go with their 21-year-old friends, but they’re smart enough to realize that it might be even more fun (and certainly cheaper) when Dad is paying for the drinks and the hotel. I’ve been looking forward to the trips I’ll take with my kids.

Is it just an excuse for me to go?  Or is it a way for us to bond by doing something together that we both enjoy? Is it one last attempt to play with my kid who is turning into an adult? Is it a way for me to celebrate my teenager entering adulthood?

It’s probably a combination of all of those things. I think that’s all right; it’s something that they and I will enjoy and remember in the future.

But I’m not sure who’s more excited for their future birthday celebrations—them or me.

Dr. Dan Borison, a writer and dad of five, is a doctor in his free time.

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