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Teens Back To School Clothes: Finding Back to School Fashion on a Budget

So, your teenager’s got a back to school clothes shopping list chock full of the latest must-have brands. Cue the squabbling, right? Well, maybe not. Your Teen asked nationally recognized shopping expert Andrea Woroch for her advice.

Affordable Back To School Clothes For Teens

  • Create a budget. Before your teenager starts rattling off a list of expensive jeans, sneakers, and new shirts that he or she must have for school, set a budget. And stick to it.
  • Split the cost. If your son can’t live without new $100 Nike sneakers or your daughter needs a pair of $200 designer jeans, tell them that you are happy to pay part of the cost (but remember, it comes out of the budget).
  • Consider second hand. Thrifting is popular with teenagers, so take advantage. Consignment stores are a smart way to get designer fashion at the cheapest prices. You can even shop second hand online at, and
  • Stock up on summer clearance. Retailers are clearing out their summer fashions for up to 75 percent off. Most teenagers can wear these items for the first few weeks or months of school before you have to buy any new fall clothes, which will be cheaper during holiday sales anyway. What’s more, many retailers offer printable coupons that you can apply to the clearance items for an even deeper discount. Check websites before you hit the mall.
  • Use smartphone apps for saving more. Arming your smartphone with free, money-saving apps can help you save big. RedLaser provides instant price comparison with other retailers. Plus, most retailers will price match the competition, so you can use RedLaser to get a lower price on the spot. CouponSherpa provides digital coupons on your phone for instant in-store savings at many major retailers.
  • Shop discounters. You can find a selection of name brand clothing for up to 60 percent off at discount stores like Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack and Century21.
  • Sign up for emails. Many retailers will send a one-time coupon to new email subscribers. Create a separate email for such retailer newsletters to avoid your personal email account being bombarded with offers.
  • Invest in timeless, save on trends.  When it comes to the more expensive clothing, it’s wise to stick to a classic look that your teenager will wear for a few seasons (barring a major growth spurt, of course). For trendy articles of clothing, like shirts in bold prints, head to stores like Forever 21.

Diana Simeon is an editorial consultant for Your Teen.

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