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6 Travel Podcasts For Teens Your Whole Family Will Love

Planning a family road trip for spring break or looking ahead to your summer vacation plans? We’ve rounded up six terrific podcasts for car rides guaranteed to keep teens and parents engaged and spark interesting conversations before, and during, your travels. Who knows, you might even get some ideas for your next trip!

6 Travel Podcasts For Teens

1. The Season Pass

If a theme park is on your itinerary, The Season Pass is the perfect podcast to get everyone in your family excited about the trip. The team behind the podcast includes founder Doug Barnes, along with friends, Brent Young and Robert Coker. Featuring regular hosts and guests, The Season Pass offers in-depth coverage of amusement parks around the world.

The guys talk about all aspects of the amusement park experience, from food vendors to the musical soundtrack, and rate how well each park executes new attractions. You’ll get recommendations, hear about the best rides at every park, and learn fascinating historical details about your favorite amusement parks. Want a side-by-side comparison of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios? The Season Pass covers it all.

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2. Andy Steves Travel

Andy Steves, son of travel expert Rick Steves, proves the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Like his father, Andy has made a career out of travel. After years of tagging along on his father’s international trips, he became a guide for his father’s company, and eventually began his own tour company for students studying in Europe.

The Andy Steves Travel podcast is perfect for older teens and college-aged kids, focusing on points of interest that appeal to a younger generation of travelers. Episodes cover topics such as studying abroad and traveling the globe through military service. The entire family will enjoy hearing about cities around the world from local guides leading the tours and digital nomads who have perfected the art of the traveling life.

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3. Travel with Rick Steves

For a variety of international travel topics and deep dives into lesser-known points of interest, Travel with Rick Steves is a must-listen podcast. While not specifically geared to younger listeners like his son Andy’s podcast, Rick’s thorough coverage and detailed discussions make this the perfect podcast for parents of teens and college students. The extensive archives cover nearly every place in the world, offering engaging content that will keep you and your teens entertained.

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4. Road Trip Radio

You don’t have to be Canadian to appreciate this journey as Road Trip Radio explores the Great White North. In 13 episodes, hosts Caitlin Howden and Pat Kelly take listeners across each province and territory that comprises Canada. Each episode is filled with intriguing stories about the folklore, geography, and history of the area they are exploring. If Canada is a vacation destination for your family, Road Trip Radio is a terrific guide.

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5. Family Travel Radio

If you want to learn more about the area you’re visiting, or get ideas for your next family trip, the Family Travel Radio podcast is perfect for you. From practical advice, like “The Secrets to Traveling with Reluctant Teens,” to recommendations for engaging off-the-beaten path family tours, Family Travel Radio offers interesting and informative podcasts for family travel.

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6. Family Adventures

Interested in learning how other families travel? Family Adventures is hosted by Erik Hemingway, whose nomadic family has made travel a way of life since 2008. The Family Adventures podcast features travel tales and practical information about a variety of international locales. Erik’s interviews with other traveling families makes for an eclectic and informative collection of episodes. If planning a family vacation leaves you dreaming about traveling full-time, you will find a lot of inspiration here!

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Lauren B. Stevens is a writer, editor, and digital parent, whose pieces have been published across the internet and featured in several print anthologies. Lauren lives in the Baltimore area with her husband and son and enjoys spending her family time hiking and traveling.

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