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Your Teen’s Top 10 Most-Read Parenting Articles: 2014 In Review

It’s that time again … when we take a look back at our most popular articles of the year. What caught your attention in 2014? Everything from school stress and romance to legalized marijuana and the heroin epidemic. Here’s our Top 10.

2014 in Review: Our Top Ten Parenting Articles

1. 6 Ways to Help Your Teenager Manage School Stress
teen-girl-homework-stress Many teenagers feel overwhelmed by academic stress. But they don’t need to be, says Meredith Bonacci, a psychologist at The School at Columbia University in New York City.


2. Teens and Heroin in the Suburbs: Expert Advice
Syringe and drugHeroin is not just an urban problem anymore. Dr. Stephen Sroka, president of Health Education Consultants, offers his Top 10 on protecting your teenager from the epidemic.


3. I am a Failure as a Mother
boy-saluteI admit it, I have harbored the tiniest bit of envy in my heart when I see their posts on social media, extolling their praises upon their brilliant children.



4. If Legal, Is Marijuana Safe for Teens?
Illustration of narcotics - marijuanaYes recreational marijuana is legal in four states and counting. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe for your teenager. Unfortunately, the number of teenagers who say smoking marijuana isn’t risky is on the rise.

Our Top Reads

5. Pulling Back on Parenting My Daughter
girl-stylish-portraitHow effective is parent involvement in relation to student success? The answer might not surprise you, says Your Teen blogger Debbie Shulman. Here’s why she’s taking a second look at how she’s parenting her own daughter.


6. Teenagers and Romance: An Expert Q&A
teen-couple-lockers-hallwayWhat’s typical when it comes to teen romance—and what should raise a red flag? Your Teen caught up with Dr. Adelle Cadieux, a pediatric psychologist with Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to find out.


7. It’s Only a Game: Expert Advice for Parents on Navigating Youth Sports
boy-sport-maskLet’s face it. The culture of sports can get more than a little crazy at times. So, how to keep it sane for our own adolescents? Your Teen asked John O’Sullivan, author of Changing the Game, for his advice.


8. Do You Have a Disorganized Teenager?
disorganized-girl-calssroomLost homework. Missing assignments. Leaving books at school. If these sound familiar, you may have a disorganized teenager on your hands.



9. Should Your Teenager Apply to a Reach School?
studying-for-college-examsMany high-school seniors will apply to a reach school this year, but should they? Read what our blogger Debbie Shulman has to say.

10. Why Internet Pornography Is Bad for Your Teen

What have I done!?Unfortunately, teenagers can now access pornography from anything with Internet access. Psychologist Dr. Wes Crenshaw talks to us on understanding why Internet pornography is bad for teens.

Diana Simeon is an editorial consultant for Your Teen.

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