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Best College Research Websites: Top Websites for Your College Search

There are many online college search resources to help your student research schools, understand costs, and (of course) apply to universities. But it can be hard to find the best college information websites. Here’s a list of some of the most popular sites we found.

Best College Research Websites

Fastweb helps match your student with scholarships available to them. Plus, it can offer help with financial aid and student loans. However, be careful with scholarships you find here. You still need to check and make sure they are legitimate scholarships before you start to apply.

Petersons helps students get information on scholarships and colleges. You can search for schools that offer programs you’re interested in, or look for scholarships related to your interests. It even offers articles on potential majors for students to research.

Kaplan also offers information on scholarships and colleges. It allows students to search for programs that they are interested in. In addition to various prep courses for SATs, GEDs,  this site also offers looks into schools in the US, UK, and Australia for study abroad options.

CollegeBoard allows students to research colleges in depth, including detailed information on how much need-based and merit aid institutions offer. They offer sections to research schools by location, housing, and diversity among other things. This site also contains sections for scholarship searches.

CollegeNavigator is run by the National Center for Education Statistics. It includes in-depth statistics and data on U.S. colleges and universities, including financial aid options and estimated expenses.

Unigo also has tools for finding scholarships and colleges. However, in addition, it also has reviews by students enrolled at the institutions you’re researching. Students rank the classes, food, and housing among others.

CollegeConfidential also offers reviews by students enrolled at the institutions you’re researching. Find rankings on the staff and campus, as well as searching for schools based on major interests.

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