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Is “Follow Your Passion” Still The Right Advice For Teens?

Beth Probst from At the Core speaks to teens about finding their “passion” at The College Event Columbus Teen Room. “Do what you love and the money will follow” is just not necessarily true. So is “Follow your passion” no longer the advice for teens? Hear what one expert advises.

This presentation was part of Your Teen Magazine‘s College Event Columbus in April 2015. To see all the presentations from the College Event Columbus, click here.

“Follow Your Passion?” Helping Teens Find Their “Passion”


Alright, I have some questions about you before we get started. I think it would be helpful to all of the presenters to know a few things about you, so would you humor me and answer a few questions? Alright, awesome.

First, you’re in school. Do we have any seniors with us today? You should get some kind of prize. That’s all I’m saying, because I don’t give out the prizes, but if I did, you should get a prize, being a senior. How many juniors? Sophomores? Juniors? Sophomores? Freshmen? Awesome! I have a freshman. I love freshmen. And then younger than freshmen? Anybody younger than freshmen? Excellent.

Okay, school districts? I know we have some, who’s from Upper Arlington? Who’s from Gahanna? Who’s from New Albany? And who’s from Columbus School for Girls? Awesome! Other schools that I might not have mentioned? Districts? Just call them out. Pickerington! Columbus City Schools! Anyone else? Olentangy! Awesome.

And then, how many of you are the oldest kid in your family, first one to head to college? Oldest kid in the family. Okay, yes good? Okay, good. Anything else you think we should ask that we would want to know? Okay, good.

My name is Beth Probst, and I work for a company called At The Core, and I have been asked to talk to you about identifying your passion. But I have a confession to make, and I did confess this to the people that asked me to speak, so it’s not the first time that they would hear it. I really hate the word passion. Really, I hate that word. I think that word is filled with pressure, if you don’t know your passion; you’re supposed to know it, and all these things hinge on knowing your passion. I don’t like that word.

(For the rest of the presentation, please view the attached video)

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