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#ParentHack: My College Kid Has To Walk In His Tuition Payment

When I graduated from high school, I was eager to get out of my parents’ house and finally be on my own. Ready to enjoy college, I searched for every opportunity to have fun. It’s fair to say that studying and academics were not always my first priorities.

My father must have known this, possessing the deep wisdom of a father of 13 kids. He knew exactly how to keep me responsible, focused, and accountable for my grades and behavior.

A Powerful Reminder of Priorities

Each semester, he mailed me my college tuition check. It was then my responsibility to walk the check into the college office of student accounts.

I remember looking at that check and seeing how much my parents were paying for my college tuition. That check made me recognize what a sacrifice they were making for me and my education. I felt a responsibility to maximize my college experience. It was really hard for me to think about blowing off class or taking a nap instead of studying when my parents were paying my way. And every semester for four years, that check kept on reminding me and keeping me focused.

That’s not to say I didn’t have fun. But getting that tuition payment check and being responsible for paying my tuition bill helped me to remember my priorities. Dad knew what he was doing.

My oldest son is in college now. And, yes, I mail his tuition check to him.

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Bobby Kloska is a father of five in South Bend, Indiana.

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