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Mother Son Relationship: Move Over Dad, Your Son is Home

Mom Caters to Son Home From College

Picture this:

I come home from a hard day at work—16 hours of digging rocks in a gravel pit. (Ok, a little bit of an exaggeration, but still a long busy day). I’m tired, and hungry and ready for dinner.

“Hi”, I call. “I’m home!” I’m weary, but happy to be home with my family.

Unfortunately, June Cleaver isn’t waiting for me with pearls and dinner on the table. I understand. It’s not 1960. It’s 2013, my wife is busy and still at work on her computer.

A short while later I clear off the table, get a plate, and take some pasta from the stove.  Everyone else has eaten, and none of the kids are around. So I sit at the table by myself, with the paper, to enjoy some dinner. My wife is there in the kitchen, as well, but she’s busy on the computer. I’ve made a few attempts at conversation—but she’s too busy to respond. No problem, I’m happy with the sports page.

Now picture this:

My teenage son, home from college for the summer, comes in 5 minutes later.

He too, has had a tough day at work. (Not 16 hours in the coal mine—like me. But still … a long, tiring day.)

My wife immediately jumps up from the computer. (And Mom caters to son.)

“Oh, wow. You look so tired”, she says. “How was your day?” she asks. “Sit down”, she says. “Let me get you some dinner.”

My Son Is Home From College!

She rushes to the cabinet and gets a dish, silverware, and a glass. She quickly sets down a full plate for my son, roughly pushing me aside in the process. (Ok, another slight exaggeration—she didn’t actually push me aside; but the rest is completely accurate!)

Now I know I sound like I’m complaining … but I’m really not. I understand the relationship between a mother and a son. I was simply able to witness it in action.

I love my wife, our relationship, and our family. I appreciate ALL of the things she does for me. I know she loves me too, but it’s different with a son.

We actually had a nice dinner—the three of us. I moved the sports pages away. We chatted, laughed, and joked with each other. It was a really nice interaction and a lot of fun.

I teased my wife and son about it, but I’m really not jealous.

(Besides….my mother lives right down the street!)

Dr. Dan Borison, a writer and dad of five, is a doctor in his free time.

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