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Questions For College Tours: What I Want to Know From Admissions Tours

Quick question: Which East Coast college has hundreds of unique clubs and teams, including … wait for it … a quidditch team?

Trick question. The answer: they all do.

Almost every college I’ve visited so far this year has been proud to boast this unique tidbit, unaware of the fact that it’s being said in just about every college information session out there. And no matter how many times I hear it, I don’t plan on joining the Harry Potter fan club.

In fact, it’s actually pretty difficult to recall that many specifics from the handful of schools I’ve seen because I hear the same things everywhere I go. That being said, there are two things I’ll never get tired of hearing about on each college visit: where I can find the best ice cream on campus, and the fact that no matter where I go, there’s a good chance I’ll be able to play with puppies during finals week!

I know that wherever I end up there will be libraries with places for me to study, intramural sports teams, and more clubs than I could ever want. But I’m craving more information. College Admission’s Staffers, there are some things I do want to know.

5 Things I Want to Learn on a College Tour:

  • Am I going to be stressed in my classes?
  • Do the students here spend their weekends at tailgates or in study sessions?
  • Is the school so big that I’ll never see a familiar face?
  • Or is it so small that I’ll know everybody, and their favorite color, by the second week?
  • Why is this the place where I should spend my next four years?

For more on college admissions tours?

In other words, I’m searching for something that will make me want to go to a specific school—something unique enough that I won’t be able to find anywhere else. And, for me at least, it’s not quidditch.

Rachel Baker is a junior in high school who writes about everything from the college search to learning to drive.

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