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How To Get Into College: Tips for a Successful College Process

The College Event Columbus held its first annual event at Columbus School for Girls in Bexley, Ohio–Columbus Ohio’s premier college-related event for parents and teens. If you missed the event, you can watch the videos (below).

Navigating the College Process

Learn the nuts and bolts about the college process, with a focus on paying for college. Brought to you by our sponsor, BlackRock.

Choosing the “Right Fit” List of Potential Colleges

Some colleges are going to work for your teen. But not every college is a good fit. How can families decide which is which? What is your teen’s best fit school and what is your best fit role as a parent? Gina Jacob and Aaron Greene from College Liftoff provides tips for parents. Begin with a goal in mind so that when your teen leaves for college, they feel really confident about the college they chose.


Building Life Skills in High School to Ensure Success in College

Is your teen really ready for college? Lauren Greenspan helps parents of teens understand which life skills in high school are essential for success in college and life. She also encourages parents to start building those skills in high school. “The only thing more dangerous than taking risks in adolescence is not taking risks.”


Helping Teens Find their “Passion”

Is finding your passion really all that important for teenagers? Is it necessary for getting into college? Beth Probst from At the Core speaks to teens about finding their “passion” in life at The College Event Columbus Teen Room.


The Mystery of College Admissions

Need college admissions facts? Nancy Gibson from Denison University and Michelle Brown from The Ohio State University explain why the hype around college admissions is not necessary. Admissions is based on supply and demand. A decision is made after a full assessment of whether this is a good fit for the applicant and the school.

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