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Enough with the College Stuff: Here’s the Real Senior To-Do List

High school seniors are inundated with questions and information regarding their plans for the future. Everyone has things for them to do, see, and rank. Seniors’ inboxes are filled with lists of important stuff. The poor kids are overwhelmed.

What teens really need is a list of universally fun things they should do senior year. No matter what their post-graduation plans, teens need to take advantage of their last year as a kid. This is supposed to be a carefree time in their lives. Instead, for too many, it’s stressful. Parents can help by directing teens towards fun. Here’s my senior to-do list that includes 20 things that these kids should do to make the most of this time. It has nothing to do with college nor career counseling, and it includes only minimal life skills. The sole purpose of this list is making happy memories and trying new things.

Senior Year To-Do List

  1. Spend Time with Family
    No matter what you do after graduation, you’ll be pulled away from your family. Enjoy them while you can.   
  2. Mentor A Younger Kid
    You’re fabulous. Share your wisdom and spirit with a little one.
  3. Plan An Epic Outing with Friends
    It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it should be one for the record book.
  4. Go Screen-Free for 24 Hours Each Month
    Consider it a detox. Do longer if you can stand it.
  5. Try A New Club, Sport, Or Hobby
    Excelling at one thing doesn’t mean you can’t try another. Do it now, while you’re on familiar territory.
  6. Go On a Real Date
    Don’t just hang. Plan a bike ride and picnic, or see a movie and eat lunch. Make it a thing. 
  7. Get That Hair Cut
    You know the one you’ve coveted but haven’t mustered the courage to get.
  8. Take Pictures and Videos
    Document this year like you’re your own paparazzi. Photograph everything and everyone. Upload them to albums.
  9. Prove To Yourself You Have Basic Domestic and Handyperson Skills
    There’s a difference between thinking you can do something and knowing you can because you have.
  10. Create A Scrapbook or Memory Box
    It can be digital or paper. This may seem corny, but years from now you’ll thank yourself. 
  11. Write Your Future Self a Letter
    Store it in the scrapbook/memory box.
  12. Attend The Lame Activities
    You can find fun anywhere. A well-lived life is filled with these types of memories.
  13. Do THAT Thing
    You know the one. Do the thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t.
  14. Explore Your Hometown
    Visit the tourist and non-traditional spots, especially if you’re leaving home after graduation.
  15. Make A List of Your Positive Attributes
    Pull it out as often as you need to remind yourself why you’re great. Add to the list as often as you can.
  16. Practice Your Signature
    When you sign items—and, trust me, you will—your signature won’t look like you just learned cursive.
  17. Send A Note to A Beloved Teacher or Coach
    Let them know how you feel about their influence on your life. Don’t assume they know.
  18. Master Cooking At Least Three Meals
    No. They all can’t be breakfast.
  19. Register To Vote
    Voting is the least each eligible citizen should do.
  20. Have Fun
    This is a special time in your life. Enjoy it.

Kamyra Harding is a reading addict and mistake maker. She uses humor and belly button gazing to share her insight into marriage, children and trying hard to get it all right. You can find her on social media as the Try Hard Mommy

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