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Facebook For Parents: How to Control Who Sees What on Facebook

Do you know how to create a closed group on Facebook? Creating a closed group on Facebook is a simple way to control which “friends” see your posts. This is a terrific way to make sure photos and status updates about your teenager are seen by only close friends and family.

We asked social media expert Jennifer Posner Lehner to help us step through the process of creating a closed Facebook group. Click play to get started.


Note that other social networks have similar ways to limit who sees what. Generally, you will find these settings in the Privacy area.


Okay, parents, so you want to share information, you want to share moments and pictures, other cool information about your kids, but you don’t necessarily want the whole world on Facebook to see what you post. There’s a couple of cool things you can do to make sure that only the people you want to see your information are seeing your information.

The first way is just to create a group. You do that by going over here to the top right. Right here you will click “create group”. Then you can name the group “My Family and Friends”, and then you can add people to the group by just typing in their name. So let me find my mom. There’s my mom, and then it’s suggesting other family members, so my brother, my cousins, okay. And then I can make this a closed group. And if I do that, anyone can see that the group exists. But only people who are accepted after applying to the group can get into the group and actually see what’s in there. Or you can make it a complete secret so no one even knows that the group exists. Either one of those.

And so once you create the group, so I’ll go ahead and click create… Alright let’s see, I’ll add my mom. You have to add at least one person for it to work. And then you can choose a little icon here if you want. Alright, and then this is the group. So then you can upload a photo, maybe you want to pick a nice picture of your family to put there, and you can write a description of what your group is about. You could say, “Welcome family and friends. This is where I’ll be posting pictures of highlights of our everyday life”, and that’s it.

(For the rest of the instructions, please view the attached video)

Jennifer Posner Lehner is a social media strategist and president of The Posner Lehner Group.

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