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Bluetooth Speakers and More: Our Staff’s Favorite Products

This sleek, flexible neck LED desk lamp uses only 3.6 watts of power, doesn’t emit any heat, and stays cool to the touch. It produces light similar to natural daylight, great for any dorm room, apartment, or bedroom. “This lamp is small and compact, yet bright,” says Your Teen‘s Alison Bunch. “Love the sleek modern shape and the tap to turn it on and off.”

Yantouch-DiamondYantouch IceDiamond Bluetooth Speaker

A portable speaker that lets you hear, see, and feel the music. Create your own light show that syncs to the beat of your music. Great for outdoor parties or camping. “I hooked it up to my phone, and the sound was impressive,” says Ryan Gallagher, son of Your Teen’s Mindy Gallagher. “And it had a remote control, which was really cool.”

Rice-n-SimpleRice n Simple

Got a microwave and 40 seconds? You’re ready for a delicious, healthy meal. These microwaveable single servings of brown or white rice are “quick and easy, enough for one meal, and leave no pots or pans to wash,” says creative director, Meredith Pangrace. “I love to make stir fry or stew and these are the perfect size.”

PongCano4Pong Cano: The Game of Sacrifice

PongCano is a fast-paced game with one simple goal:  bounce the ball into the PongCano volcano. Players must control their nerves and laughter until the ball lands safely in the bottom of the volcano. For ages 8 and up. Your Teen’s Susan Borison is hooked! “This game is just a little addictive. My son and I had a lot of fun playing this.”

May-booksMay Designs Notebooks and Calendars

We love our gadgets, but sometimes old-fashioned paper does it best … and prettiest. If this describes you, then check out May Designs’ collection of calendars and notebooks. “I love mine,” says Your Teen’s Mindy Gallagher. “I prefer writing in a notebook, over typing notes in my phone. And it’s so pretty. My phone is not pretty.”

Whoosh! Screen Shinewhoosh

Dirty screens and phones are gross! Whoosh! cleans the screens of all your gadgets and repels dust, smudges, and fingerprints, leaving them clean and hygienic. Eca Taylor’s  friend Trish Dietzen says, “Wow! This is by far the best screen cleaner I’ve ever tried. Not only did it work really well on my electronic screens, but it was amazing on my glasses.  I didn’t have to clean them all day.”

02 wall_originalGoldie CableKeeps

Tangled cords. Lost chargers. Sound like your house? Goldie CableKeeps comes to the rescue with a fun, colorful, and practical way to keep your cords and chargers organized (and together). “They work. They’re adorable. And there’s enough colors for everyone to have their own. Perfect!,” says Your Teen’s Stephanie Silverman.

polaroid-cube-cameraPolaroid CUBE

“It’s tiny and completely adorable,” says Susan Borison about the Polaroid CUBE lifestyle action camera.  It’s water resistant, shockproof, mountable, and built to handle just about anything. Features 6MP images, 124° wide angle lens, and built-in battery that records up to 90 minutes. 


Tutem Masks

Yes, yes we know that few teenagers would ever be caught wearing this in public. But for parents, these masks are a stylish way to avoid getting sick while commuting, traveling (think airplanes), or when ourteenagers are coughing all over us. Cover your mouth!

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