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Perfect Products to Purchase for the Start of the School Year

With so many new beginnings, it only makes sense to see what products are available that will improve the life of your teen and your family. Below is a fabulous curated list of items that you may not have know you’ve been wishing for.

Rites of Passage

If the first day of school isn’t the only “first” looming on the horizon, look no further than these aids for adolescence.

Out, damned spots!

Acne, be gone: these No B.S Skincare Healing Acne Patches will help your teen get in the clear. Safe for all skin types, these breathable, waterproof patches reduce redness and beat breakouts for skincare made simple.


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Odor Eater

Take the “P.U.” out of puberty with Prep U personal hygiene products, formulated specifically for smelly teen boys. All-natural ingredients like anti-bacterial coconut oil, pH-balancing arrowroot, and oil-trapping active charcoal are kind to your boy, and the planet.

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With slogans like “Biodegradable is not debatable” and “Safe, not synthetic,” Oi Girl products are both eco- and body-friendly. Made of 100 percent certified organic cotton, these pads, pantyliners, and tampons are designed for smaller and maturing bodies.

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Homework Helpers

Put your teen on the “A”-list this year.

When in doubt, digitize

If life is one big series of notebooks for your teen, the Scribzee app can help provide the simplification they need. Designed for use with Hamelin notebooks, Scribzee enables students to easily scan, save, and share notes for future use—without leaving a hefty paper trail behind.

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STEM learning doesn’t have to stop in the classroom, thanks to KiwiCo’s Eureka Crate monthly subscription box. Aimed at ages 14 and up, each box includes a new project to challenge the next generation of makers and budding engineers—from a working ukulele to a desk lamp.

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Back-to-School Style

These bookish looks are sure to make the grade.

They’ve got your back

From “Bravery” (blue camo) to “Hope” (purple flowers and pink stars), Fenrici 18” backpacks combine style and substance—donating five percent of the proceeds from each sale to rare childhood disease research. Made from sturdy 900-denier fabric, each backpack includes three compartments and a laptop sleeve for on-the-go teens. (Is there any other kind?)

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Specs appeal

From Harajuku chic to haute L.A.M.B. looks, Gwen Stefani has been a style-setter for decades—and now her 10-year-old son Zuma is following suit. Sporty and skater-inspired, the edgy Zuma Rock eyewear line is designed with teens and tweens in mind.

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Wear your words

A true “statement” piece, Halo-Heart’s Wear Your Words collection is where empowerment and accessories meet. Available in four sizes, the line’s signature Lucite cuffs bear phrases like “Shine your light on the world” and “No day but today” (or a mantra of your teen’s choice).

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We love these to infinity and back

Page-turner, meet head-turner: these adorable literary-themed infinity scarves by Storiarts belong in any book lover’s closet. Choose from classics like Romeo & Juliet, Pride & Prejudice, Alice in Wonderland, and more.


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Green Grub

Say goodbye to single-use bags and hello to Out of the Woods’ sustainable, washable Out of the Woods lunch bags in four different designs. They may look like leather, but they’re actually made of animal-free “Supernatural Paper.”


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Spectator Sports

Sitting on the sidelines just got way more bearable.

Three cheers for your rear

You’ve already got your dedicated spot in the bleachers—now make it infinitely more comfortable with this Smart Ideas for Life foldable stadium seat, replete with armrests, bottle holders, and its own carrying case. (Your butt thanks you in advance.)


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Go the distance

Through rain, snow, sleet, and hail, you’ve never been a fair-weather fan. Reward yourself with the Under the Weather Pod, a lightweight, personal, pop-up tent that helps you stay dry no matter what surprises Mother Nature has in store.


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Dream It, Plan It, Do It

This trio of products will keep your teen well-rested, organized, and ready to tackle the day.

Infinitely Awesome

If visions of to-do lists dance in your—or your teen’s—head at night, let My Infinite Agenda lead the way. One part manifestation, one part action, and one part appreciation, this colorful, vision board-inspired academic planner is true #goals personified.

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Winging it

Side sleepers, take note: My Butterfly Pillow is your new best friend. Equipped with built-in Bluetooth speakers, the pillow can play soft music (up to 80 decibels) or white noise, and it’s known for helping autistic teens rest

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