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SOL Headphones and More: Our Staff’s Favorite Products

These headphones deliver great sound, style and technology. Sales rep Shari Silk wasn’t a frequent user of headphones before, although now she might not take them off. “The sound is amazing!” But she will have to fight her son Alex for them.


ShockDoctorshirtShock Doctor

The Your Teen testers, Zach Silverman, Ryan Gallagher, and Jacob Borison, love Shock Doctor protective gear. Ryan liked the sleeve with the elbow pad, “I definitely feel like the pad protects my elbow, and it is light and comfortable.” Zach loved the shorts for soccer. “When I started to wear the shorts, I had fewer goalie injuries.” Jacob appreciated the shirt. “I had less aches and bruises when I wore the Shock Doctor shorts.”


iHome Tough Case

The iHome Tough Case offers durable protection for your iPhone. Publisher Stephanie Silverman loves the great color, the interesting design and the built-in stand. “The stand is fantastic for facetiming my niece and nephews—hands free.”




Derma e Very Clear Acne Scrub

Searching for an acne product that doesn’t dry out your skin? This scrub is the perfect combination of hard-working (salicylic acid) and natural (tea tree) ingredients. Creative director Meredith Pangrace is a big fan. “My skin felt very smooth and fresh after using it. The lavender and chamomile were soothing.”

HelmetNite Ize Helmet Marker Plus

Attach the LED light on your helmet and your helmet becomes a beacon that makes you brightly obvious to vehicles behind you. Sales trainer Missy Gottlieb has an active family. When they head out for a bike ride, safety is for sure the number one priority. “The lights felt much safer than reflectors. I would recommend them. Smart, easy and necessary.”

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