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Scooters and More: Our Staff’s Favorite Products

Kid-tested and parent-approved, Your Teen recommends:

scooterPulse RK9 Electric Scooter

At eight miles per charge, the Pulse RK9 Electric Scooter could be the answer to your “Mom, can you drive me . . .” woes this summer. “It’s cool,” says Jacob Borison, son of editor Sue Borison. “I like riding it around the neighborhood.”


pelican-casePelican ProGear Vault Series

It’s safe to say that teenagers can sometimes be less than careful when it comes to their electronic devices. If that sounds familiar, then this iPad Air case is for you. “It is the ultimate in protection for an expensive device,” says Elizabeth Stern, a Your Teen reader. “Plus, it’s good looking with an industrial, hip vibe.” Best of all, if your teenager manages to break her device while it’s in this case, Pelican will replace it.

black-soapShea Terra Rose Hips Black Soap

If you’ve been trying to add more organics to your life, Your Teen staffer Alison Bunch recommends giving Shea Terra’s Rose Hips Black Soap Facial Wash a go. “The color and consistency are different than anything I’ve used previously and I loved the recommendation to mix a small amount with sugar for use as a scrub. I’ll be adding that to my weekly regimen.”


dog-tagsDog Tag Art

After we read Jane Parent’s article on the value of pets for teenagers, this item sure caught our eye. “I like how the tag has all of the necessary information and a customized picture,” says publisher Stephanie Silverman’s son, Ethan, who counts his dog Moxie among his closest pals. “Moxie looks pretty cute wearing the tag too.”


xyron-machineXyron Creative Station

Got a crafty teenager in your house? Then this is a sure bet, says Your Teen staffer Eca Taylor. “It’s perfect for working on scrapbooks. I love being able to laminate paper, make labels and magnets and turn anything I want into a sticker.”

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