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Nalgene Water Bottles and More: Our Staff’s Favorite Products

BIC School Supplies

Nothing says “Back to School” better than new BIC school supplies. BIC offers smooth writing pens and pencils in bold, classic, and fashionable ink colors that offer comfort and precision in a variety of fun shapes and sizes for that perfect fit. “My kids went crazy for the colorful and fun products,” says Editor Susan Borison. “They loved the grip of the Atlantis Ultra comfort pen and the #2 Xtra-Fun pencils.” And big kids love them too. “I LOVE office supplies!” says Your Teen’s Eca Taylor.


Nalgene Water Bottles

Live the water life every day without feeling guilty about all that plastic disposable waste. Nalgene reusable containers help people stay hydrated while respecting the environment. Great for college kids, sports, and weekend adventures. “I love this water bottle— it is easy to grip, spillproof, and sleek-looking,” says Publisher Stephanie Silverman. “It fits perfectly in the cup holder in my car so I can drink water throughout the day.”


Sprout Rise Organic Morning Protein Smoothie

Breakfast on the run can still be delicious and nutritious. Sprout’s Rise Tropical Mango Yogurt Morning Smoothie has a blend of sweet tropical fruits paired up with proteinpacked yogurt to give your morning a taste of paradise. All natural, with no additives or preservatives. “This smoothie was just perfect for rushed mornings where you want something tasty and good for you but you don’t have time to whip something up,” says Your Teen Editorial Assistant Ahuva Sunshine. “It was delicious, conveniently packaged for on-the-go, and it was so healthy. It would be an excellent meal or snack any time of day.”

Wonderland-Organics-Balance-Serum-1900x Wonderland Balance Serum

Is your skin stressed out? This organic, all-natural serum for sensitive skin was formulated for oil-prone, combination, and acne-prone skin to help soothe your skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes. “This helped moisturize my face without causing breakouts,” says Your Teen’s Shari Silk. “Just a small amount went a long way to provide stress release after a long hard day.”

kitchen-stand NewerTech Kitchen Kit

If you’re a fan of using your iPad in the kitchen, then the NewerTech Kitchen Kit is for you. Simply mount your device on the Kitchen Kit’s NuStand and use the included NuScribe stylus to navigate to your favorite online recipes—even if your hands are covered in batter or spaghetti sauce or whatever you’re whipping up! A heavy base with rubberized feet keeps the NuStand in place. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to clean. “It’s solid, easy to assemble, and allows me to view recipes with ease,” says Your Teen friend Jane Joseph.  “A great product.”

TUOrganizer TUO: The Ultimate Travel Undergarment Organizer

Never have a badly packed suitcase again. The Origami Unicorn Travel Bag will help you to organize, save space, and separate items into compartments so you can locate them quickly. “This travel bag was big enough to fit underwear and toiletries of all shapes and sizes, while still folding up into a small carry-on,” Your Teen’s Ahuva Sunshine says. “The bright orange floral pattern, and its ability to fold up into a handbag make this especially useful and fun.”


Heat Holders Thermal Socks And Tights

Cooler fall temperatures don’t have to mean cold feet! Heat Holders is the ultimate thermal clothing brand offering a wide variety of socks, tights, leggings and more to keep your feet warm and cozy like never before. The unique three-stage knitting process makes exceptionally warm socks—over 10 million pairs sold worldwide! “These socks kept my feet so toasty and comfy,” says Ahuva. “I love the way they feel. Perfect for keeping my feet warm throughout the coldest winter nights.” They’re cute, too! “The tights were comfortable and fashionable, and they would definitely keep my legs warmer than my ordinary tights,” says ballet student McKenzie Beaverson.



Sleeping was never so fun for kids. These portable, easy-to-assemble bunk beds for kids are perfect for vacations, sleepovers, camping, or family reunions. They come in a zippered carry bag for easy transportation and quick storage. “These were a bright, cheery color and so easy to put up and fun,” says Alison Bunch. “My six- and sevenyear-old boys loved that we put them together just for them and that they were their size.” Use them as stackable bunks, or side-by-side cots, or daybeds in a playroom—so many possibilities!

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