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Rock the Locks and More: Our Staff’s Favorite Products

Keep all your high school or college student’s memories and favorite old t-shirts and sweatshirts by repurposing them into a personalized, comfy, thoughtful quilt. $74.99


Rock The Lock Hair ProductsRock the Locks Hair Products

Natural, organic, great-smelling hair care products created especially for kids without the harsh chemicals. Parents will love them, too!  5 products for $39.99 or $13-16 each

bokos-womens-melon-product-shotBokos Sandals

Around the campsite, after hiking, to the beach, or just around the house, these durable yet comfortable rubber sandals can handle anything from lounging to life’s most demanding activities. $18.00

active gearActive Edge Gear Work Out T-Shirt

Get the most out of your workout with gear made from high-tech fabric that helps your body fight inflammation and pain, improve sleep, and perform at a more optimal level. $64.99

7th Heaven Mask7th Heaven Face Mask

Give your face the ultimate beauty boost with an exfoliating face mask to awaken dull skin and renew your skin texture for fresh, glowing skin.  $2.99-$7.50

sally b skin 1Sally B’s Skin Yummies

All natural, organic luxurious skin care products that are
planet friendly and not tested on animals, packaged in a convenient, easy-to-
pack set of six travel sizes. $48.00

shoes_2Shoe Safety Lights

Stay safe and visible during your early morning or late night runs with these light-up shoe lights from Mace Brand. Water resistant and highly visible. $19.99

mirai clinicalMirai Clinical Purifying & Deodorizing Body Wash

Natural body wash with a light grapefruit scent and made with Japanese persimmon extract to eliminate body odors and promote healthy, soft skin. $29.00

Simply ShariSimply Shari’s Gluten Free Fudge Brownie Cookies

Made with gluten-free flour and top-quality chocolate, these delicious cookies are sure to satisfy your brownie cravings. $26.94 per case

backpackGuidi Laptop Rucksack by Sydney Paige Inc.

Send your student off to school in style with this canvas and leather back-pack, complete with padded shoulder straps, laptop sleeve, and magnetic closures. $80.00

Just Mayo jarHampton Creek Just Mayo

Delicious mayonnaise that delivers all the taste you love without any of the cholesterol. $6.00