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Pascha Chocolates and More: Our Staff’s Favorite Products

Kid-tested and parent-approved, Your Teen recommends:

shave tech razorShave Tech USB Rechargeable Travel Shaver for Men

Your Teen’s Susan Borison’s husband, Dan, is a big fan. “The ShaveTech USB rechargeable shaver gave me a remarkably close, smooth, and (honestly) excellent shave. At about the size of a deck of playing cards, it can easily be thrown into a travel bag, and the USB charger eliminates the need for annoying converters when going abroad.

Sun Hat with UV protectionUV Skinz Sunhat

No need to sacrifice style to get the best in sun protection this summer. UV Skinz has a full lineup of sunhats rated at UPF 50+—that’s ultraviolet protection factor—to suit most any taste. Your Teen’s Mindy Gallagher says:  “I loved this sunhat. It’s comfortable and cute. Perfect for poolside.”

phone caseThe Case Studio Tough Case

These custom phone and tablet cases let you personalize every last detail of your case. Customize and monogram one of the pre-set  designs, or upload your own photo for a truly unique, custom-made case. “I had so much fun with this,” says Your Teen’s Jane Parent. “Between the designs, customizable color combinations, and monogramming, there are literally thousands of options. It is well-made and substantial, and my phone still feels thin and sleek. Great for anyone who wants a case that is completely unique.”

Pascha ChocolatePascha Chocolate

This is the simplest, purest, and most delicious chocolate, without any of the additives or ingredients that might trigger allergic reactions. They offer a variety of chocolate bars and chips that can be incorporated into all those family favorite creations and indulged in without worry. “It’s delicious,” says Susan Borison’s vegan friend, Karen Weiss.


Hand sewn leather bowlFour Robins Hand-Sewn Leather Bowl

If you think the words “leather” and “bowl” don’t belong in the same sentence, think again, says Your Teen’s Diana Simeon. “These bowls are funky and functional,” she says. “Right up my alley.” Made from American cowhide, the bowls are hand cut, dyed, and sewn. Great for organizing everything from jewelry to paper clips.

headphonesSMS Audio On-Ear Wired Sport Headphones

High-performance and professionally tuned, these on-ear wired sport headphones are perfect for the listener who won’t sacrifice quality sound for an active lifestyle. They feature soft, perforated leather and comfortable memory foam cushions, and they are rated for protection against sweat and water. “These headphones are so comfy and have great sound quality!” raves Your Teen editorial assistant, Ahuva Sunshine. “They have a stylish look as well, and were great to use during my workout.”

Rustic Crust pizza flatbread crustRustic Crust Ready-Made Flatbread Pizza Crusts

Traditional, Old World baking methods, handmade crusts, and natural, organic ingredients give these ready-made pizza crusts a distinctive, rustic texture found in artisan breads. It’s available in nine great-tasting Old World crust varieties. “This crust was really good and flavorful,” says Stephanie Silverman’s daughter, Laine. “Plus, it was healthy. I would have it any day.”

Tfal FryerT-Fal ActiFry Low-Fat Healthy Multi-Cooker

With this 2.2 pound capacity electric low-fat multi-cooker, you can cook a variety of full meals easily and quickly using little to no oil for meats, seafood, risotto, vegetables, and many other dishes. “I am obsessed with the T-Fal Actifry,” says Susan Borison. “Very little oil and every vegetable tasted almost fried but completely delicious. At the end, I had mushrooms, onions, cauliflower, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes—and only one dishwasher-safe pan.”

EXFOLIATE-NewThe Exfoliate

Kiss those dead skin cells goodbye. “I’ve never exfoliated with a product that was so gentle on my skin,” says Your Teen’s Ali Bunch.  That’s because this exfoliator is packed with natural ingredients—like papaya, green tea, aloe, and pineapple—and no harsh chemicals. “It worked really well,” adds Ali.

alexandraBattenburg Lace Dress

This dress is a standout from a line of contemporary, comfortable women’s dresses and swimwear that are modest and stylish. “I wore this dress to a wedding dinner last night, and I got lots of compliments (and not just because I’m the boss’s wife),” says Your Teen’s Eca Taylor. “I heard comments such as ‘classic line with unique lace’ and ‘fabulous blue color.’ It definitely stood out since everyone else was wearing black. The Battenburg lace is beautiful, and I felt appropriately dressed for the event.”

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