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New Year, New Gear: Products We Love

Sometimes, a little retail therapy does the soul good and makes our lives better in some way. Here are some items that we love.

In the Kitchen

What’s cooking? Oh, just these must-have culinary tools.

Tea time

Your morning tea fix just got easier—enter the Pinky Up Parker Rose Gold Electric Tea Kettle. Designed in a chic shade of rose gold, this electric tea kettle boils up to 56 ounces of water in under three minutes. Its cord-free capability makes it easy to detach and pour refills straight from the convenience of your tea-sipping perch.

Bend it like Beckham

Consider the WoodnFlex Flexible Cutting Board, the savvy cook’s tool for slicing and dicing. Cut ingredients on a natural wood surface (oak or walnut), then bend the silicone backing to easily transfer ingredients sans spillage. Leave no ingredient behind!


Sensor-y appreciation

Hypervigilant about food allergies? Get by with a little help from the Nima Sensor, which tests food for hidden peanut and gluten content in just minutes. Compact enough to fit in your purse or pocket, the portable Nima Sensor comes in handy everywhere from food halls to family gatherings (even when that well-meaning relative swears they didn’t use any allergens in the dish).

Beauty Made Simple

Okay, so maybe only Beyoncé “woke up like this.” But these products will make it easier—and quicker—to pretend like we did.

Stack the odds in your favor

Whether you’re a teen who devours YouTube makeup tutorials or a mom who’s mastered the art of applying makeup in the school drop-off line, Subtl Beauty Stack may just be your new best friend. This compact, portable makeup kit consolidates products like powder, highlighter, concealer, and more into one slim stack. (Take the quiz online to get custom recs for your skin type and makeup style.)
Up to $12-14 per product,

Knot your everyday brush

If your teen’s unkempt hair leaves you tied up in knots, let the Knot Genie be your family’s new go-to tool for grooming. This brush relies on multi-sized bristles to make detangling a painless experience for both your teen and you.



Lighten and brighten

Picture your smile six shades whiter. Now make it happen with Luster Pro Light, a three-day dental whitening system that is the only FDA-cleared product of its kind on the market. No messy trays, strips, or tooth sensitivity—the simple-to-use light technology uses the noble gas Xenon to whiten three times faster than LED light. Now that’s something to smile about.

Two-in-One Fun

These innovative products have mastered the art of multitasking.

Strike the right balance

Whether you’re running hot or cold, the Lasko All-Season Comfort Control Tower Fan and Heater in One has your back. Customize your comfort with four quiet fan speeds and three heat settings—or have it all with a heater/fan combo mode.


Strike the right chord

When the harmonica met the piano, the Yamaha Pianica was born. Powered by blowing air through a mouthpiece, this lightweight “melodica” is a fun instrument for both teens and adults to master. Models vary by age and skill level, with the 32- and 37-key instruments suggested for teens.


Strike a pose

Achieving zen is a lot easier when you have less stuff to haul to yoga class. Let the Combo Mat take you there as an all-in-one mat and towel. Choose from 10 designs that are both chic and sustainable—made from natural tree rubber, recycled plastic bottle micro-fibers, and water-based inks.

On the Go

Nobody’s going to break your stride, thanks to these on-the-go time savers.

Unlock your sanity

Make the all-too-common refrain of “Where did my keys go?!” a thing of the past with Keysie, the brainchild of a formerly frazzled working mom after one too many dreaded purse digs. This stylish leather pouch includes a concealed key ring and clips onto any bag for on-the-go ease.


Start me up

Dead car batteries are no match for JumpSmart, a petite-yet-powerful tool for jump starting just about any vehicle on its own. Add in a four-mode LED flashlight and power bank for charging smartphones, and the JumpSmart proves to be a nifty co-pilot for any parent—or teen—behind the wheel.


Buzz me up, Scotty

Say goodbye to gotta-have-it-now Starbucks runs and hello to the AeroPress Go, a travel press that brews drip, espresso, and cold-press coffee in up to two minutes. Its carrying case doubles as a drinking mug, making it easy to caffeinate throughout your everyday routine.


Left to Your Own Devices

Put the “smart” in smartphone.

Eye Rx

On average, we spend nine hours per day looking at screens. Give those tired eyes a much-needed break with the VisionGuard, which filters out harmful blue light and minimizes digital eye strain. Bonus: The VisionGuard also protects your phone from scratches and cracks.


But first, let’s take a selfie

Need more fodder for that ever-growing photo feed? Lend your teen a hand—or an arm, as the case may be—with the GekkoStick Flexible Phone Mount & Remote Shutter. Thanks to a Bluetooth shutter remote, this nifty gadget can take photos from up to 30 feet away, and its flexible design makes it a snap to wrap around one’s arm (or anything else, really) for that effortless selfie.

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