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The Love Bottle and More: Our Staff’s Favorite Products

Channel your inner James Bond with this high-tech, high-style professional grade backpack, says Your Teen art director Meredith Pangrace. “While I didn’t try diving into the ocean with it — like the stealth-looking individual on the bag’s tag — I do believe that there’s nothing that could protect my laptop better than this backpack, even if only through hectic airports and rainy city streets.”  Bonus: this bag is a true backpack, unlike most laptop bags, which are cross-body. Adds Meredith: “Spreading out the weight of the bag and your gear across your back is actually pretty comfortable.”   $269.99
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Addicted to Bananagrams? Then Zip-It, from the makers of Bananagrams, may be your next family favorite. Zip-It pits two players against each other in a fast-pace race to make words from a limited selection of letters — think Bananagrams at a sprint. “It’s fun and competitive,” says Ethan Silverman, son of  Your Teen’s Stephanie Silverman. “And it really challenges your mind.”  $10.99
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products-M4D3_1M4D3 Shoes

Your feet will look sweet — and your purchase of any M4D3 shoe will help make a difference somewhere in the world.  Your Teen photographer Beth Segal sampled the company’s Mo’Ne Davis Collection. “I love these shoes,” says Segal. “They are super-cool, super-comfortable and they’re designed by Mo’Ne Davis, the 14-year-old pitcher who was the first African American girl to play in the Little League World Series.” Plus, 15 percent of the proceeds go to Play International USA’s Because I am a Girl program.
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products-LoveBottlesLove Bottle

Teenagers love their reusable water bottles, but for mom and dad it can be confusing to keep track of which ones are safe. BPA? Nope. Phthalates. Nuh uh. HDPE. Maybe? So why not stick with glass. Yep, glass is 100 percent safe and all-natural, which is why we appreciate the Love Bottle. “I plan to use this when traveling,” says Susan Borsion’s MIL Bernice Borison. “Or just pop it in my lunch box.” Functional, made in the U.S., and a style for every personality.  $16-$25 
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products-tessemaesTessemae’s All Natural

This line of all-natural—and delicious— dressings, sauces, and marinades was launched by a mom who just wanted to get her boys to eat their veggies. These days, Tessemae’s lineup includes everything from salad dressing and Teriyaki sauce to condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. “I love the Slow Roasted Garlic,” gushes Your Teen’s Susan Borison. “I spread the garlic mixture on salmon and it was delicious.”    $5.99
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products-wipesGoodWipes Body Wipes

Whether it’s gym class at 9:00a.m., a study group after cross country practice, or just an adolescent aversion to hygiene, sometimes our teenagers can’t (or won’t) fit in a shower. Enter Good Wipes Body Wipes, biodegradable and flushable wipes. “These are perfect for someone who’s busy and runs from place to place without having time to go home and shower,” says Your Teen’s Ahuva Sunshine. “I used them after sweating a lot, and I felt fresher and cleaner.”  $8
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products-pinon_coffee_2New Mexico Piñon Coffee

“I love my coffee,” says Your Teen’s Diana Simeon. “And I love pine nuts, but I wasn’t too sure about coffee and pine nuts combined. But this is so delicious!” New Mexico Piñon Coffee is a mix of Arabica beans, piñons from the New Mexico Piñon Tree, and special flavorings — all hand roasted in small batches. “I’ll definitely be adding New Mexico Piñon Coffee to my rotation.”   2 lbs. for $21  
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products-feelgoodfoodsFeel Good Foods

For those weeknights when cooking just isn’t going to happen, it’s helpful to have a healthy go-to in the freezer. Our new favorite: Real Good Foods, a line of no-artificial-anything Asian style cuisine your teenagers will love. “The broccoli chicken meal was great,” say Your Teen‘s  Melanie Reda. “Gluten free meals often have a rubbery texture. This wasn’t the case at all.”   Prices vary depending on retail location.
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