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The Diva Cup Revolutionizes Dealing With Periods

I Love the Diva Cup

In my opinion, the Diva Cup is by far the greatest thing since sliced bread. This revolutionary menstrual technology will change the way you deal with your period forever. Aside from the obvious problems (for example: it cannot be changed in a public restroom), the Diva Cup is absolutely awesome.

Due to an issue reading the instructions (meaning, I chose not to read them in the first place), I inserted the Diva Cup incorrectly the first time I used it. It did cause some slight leakage, but once I actually read the instructions and inserted it correctly, I did not have a single leak the whole twelve hours I was wearing it. Yes, you read that right, I did say twelve hours. Because the Diva Cup is silicone instead of cotton, there is no risk of TSS. I wore it the whole day and then to bed without leaking or worrying about a deadly disease.

From the first use, I was completely sold on this lightweight, comfortable blood-catching contraption. I couldn’t even feel the cup inside of me! I will admit that I was a bit freaked out to see how much blood I was loosing from the numbers on the side of the cup, but it was still an interesting and beneficial experience to quantitatively track my cycle.

The Diva Cup is great to travel with! Just one small cup comes with a cute storage baggie and some soap (although any kind will do), as opposed to a bulky box of tampons or a bag full of pads. No more will I be dropping money on other products every month. The Diva Cup is much more practical than anything else I’ve used. Needless to say, I am completely sold on The Diva Cup.

By Katherine Taylor, a student in Travel Tourism and Hospitality at Johnson & Wales University.

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