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Athletic Wrap and More: Our Staff’s Favorite Products

leather-backpackJill-E Designs Jack Hemingway

And you thought your backpack days were over. Not so with this leather take on the familiar favorite, the Jack Hemingway Leather Laptop Backpack. The roomy interior has pockets for a 15” laptop and all your essentials. “It’s perfect for any business or casual environment, and especially great for overnight or long weekend trips,” says Your Teen  staffer Holly Kaye. “I especially liked the padded interior laptop pouch, as I am rather rough on my bags. Plus there’s a trolley sleeve that allows it to be easily attached to a rolling suitcase.”

cold-wrapArctic Ease Instant Cold Wrap

A must-have for the athlete in your house: Arctic Ease Instant Cold Wrap. It’s a compression wrap that doubles as cold therapy for muscle cramps, repetitive motion injuries, and even minor sprains. Cool, huh? Madeline Taylor, daughter of Your Teen’s Eca Taylor, certainly thought so:  “I used it to keep my foot cool during a 3-hour dance class. It felt like I was icing my foot the entire time.” Comes in two sizes and it’s reusable.

toasterToastmaster Four Slice Toaster

“Don’t be fooled by the retro look of this toaster,” says Your Teen  photographer Beth Segal. “It offers modern convenience all the way.” There’s a bagel option for one-sided toasting, self-centering guides for perfect browning, and extra wide slots for those hand-hewn slices of extra special artisanal loaves. Family-friendly? You bet! Four slots gets everybody hot toast in a flash—and for a teenager who can’t quite get out of bed in time, there’s a very useful  reheat function!

storage-boxesModern Littles

Is it your New Year’s resolution to get more organized? Then look no further than these snazzy, functional bins from Modern Littles. “It’s great,” says Chase Golovan, daughter of Your Teen staffer Lisa Golovan. “Not only is it perfect for holding supplies, but it’s super cute!”

water-filterAquasana Water Filtration

“Timing is everything!” says Your Teen  social media maven Mindy Gallagher, who received the Aquasana Water Filtration System just days after her refrigerator’s water dispenser went kaput. “I was skeptical at first, but the taste of the water has won us all over. It’s simple, fast and I love the free shipping on replacement filters.”

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