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The Wet Hot American Summer Netflix Series: Interview with Hailey Sole

Netflix is beating the late summer heat by releasing an eight-episode prequel to the cult film Wet Hot American Summer (2001), a satire of the 80’s teen rom-coms that takes place in a summer camp and features A-list actors like Bradley Cooper and Amy Poehler, both of whom are returning in the new Netflix series.

Your Teen got the inside scoop from teen actor Hailey Sole, the 13-year-old who plays Amy in the Netflix prequel. Sole, who previously appeared in The Caterpillar’s Kimono, Private Practice, and Criminal Minds, plays one of the newer campers in the series. “The show is about adventures and friendship. It’s really hilarious and will keep everyone entertained!” says Hailey Sole.

Well, maybe not quite everyone. “Perhaps younger viewers shouldn’t watch it,” Sole admitted. She added that if she wasn’t acting in the series her parents might not have allowed her to watch the show.

Hailey Sole just finished eighth grade—that means life as an actor and teenager requires lots of balancing. When not on set, Sole attends a private Christian school, where she’s on her school’s cheerleading squad and plans to volunteer at a local animal shelter. She aspires to attend college and earn a business degree while she pursues her career in the film industry.

Even though Sole gets to hang out with celebs like Bradley Cooper and Amy Poehler, she still manages to keep a normal social life back home. “My friends are really supportive. They can’t wait to watch me in Wet Hot American Summer. It’s awesome to have their support,” she says.

Sole recognizes how lucky she is to have such a great group of friends. “I tried to be who I wasn’t just to fit in. And tried hanging out with people I didn’t really want to just because I thought they were cool. But I wasn’t happy until I finally found a group of friends who loved me for who I am.”

So it seems that 13-year-old Hailey Sole has acquired the wisdom of an adult.

Ahuva Sunshine is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland and a contributor to Your Teen.

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