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What is Skibidi Toilet?

“Skibidi Toilet” is an animated show on YouTube, created by Alexey Gerasimov that features a head sticking out of a toilet. Over time, it has evolved into a multi-season long series with over a hundred episodes. This series tells a made-up story about a battle between toilets with human heads and characters that look like humans but have cameras for heads. It started out with just a single video, but it has gone viral and the creator has turned it into an entire series.

When Did Skibidi Toilet Start?

The very first episode was released in February 2023 under the channel name “DaFuqBoom” and went viral. It gained tens of millions of views and rapidly spread across the internet. After the success of the first episode, more episodes came out where the skibidi toilet meme grew and grew. Now, there are hundreds of skibidi toilet videos with over 15 billion views.

What Does Skibidi Mean?

The word skibidi has now become an adjective meaning bad, or evil. In the same way that the skibidi toilet is a villain in the animated series, calling someone skibidi means that they’re evil or up to no good. As it spread through tiktok, this word has now become a part of Gen Z and Gen Alpha slang.

What is Skibidi Toilet About?

The multi-season series is about a head that sticks out of a toilet and tries to rule the world. The main bad guys in the series are called the Skibidi Toilets. These toilet creatures fight against “cameramen”, who are guys with cameras instead of heads. As more episodes came out, the more ridiculous their battles became.

The episodes do not have much of a plot or storyline, and instead just feature a lot of action and violence. The episodes are in vertical format and each just about a minute long. This has made it perfect for short form video distribution.

Why are Kids Obsessed with Skibidi Toilet?

Kids have become obsessed with Skibidi Toilet because it is an action horror series in short video form which makes it easy to binge. The episodes are short, but also have cliff-hangers, keeping the viewer hooked and watching more. Now that Skibidi Toilet has become a massive meme, many kids like it for what it represents, as a cornerstone of modern media and culture.

Is Skibidi Toilet Appropriate for Kids?

The skibidi toilet series gets quite violent and is not particularly kid appropriate. Many kids claim that the videos have given them nightmares. The videos feature many weapons such as knives and explosives, and are not suitable for young audiences.

What is the Original Skibidi song?

Skibidi toilet features a remix of the song “Dom Dom Yes Yes” by Biser King. It became a meme prior to skibidi toilet, and the skibidi toilet videos use a remixed version of this original song. As the skibidi toilet videos came out, they used versions of the song that got more and more distorted.

Skibidi Toilet in Roblox

Skibidi toilet also has many games on roblox where people can play within the universe that has been created by the meme. Some of these games include skibidiverse, skibidi toilet tycoon, and a variety of skibidi toilet role playing games. Since the animated series features a battle between animated characters, it was easy for these characters to be transformed into games.

skibidi in roblox

Role of Cameraman in the Series

The initial episodes of the animated series were in the first person. As the series grew, the “good guys” were the cameramen. These cameramen are bodies that have a security camera as a head. The cameramen are at war with the skibidi toilet and attack them using toilet plungers among other weapons.


While the meme is generally silly and harmless, it is not particularly age appropriate. The animations feature a lot of violence and scenes of war, which may not be suitable for young audiences. The animation style is very similar to a videogame, which might feature some violence. Regardless, skibidi toilet has continued to grow exponentially and there is no telling to how big and extreme this meme will get.