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What Does Delulu Mean?

“Delulu” is a slang term that’s short for “delusional”. It is most commonly used to describe someone who has unrealistic thoughts or ideas about someone they are a fan of. For example, someone who genuinely believes that a big musician they’re a fan of will someday fall in love with them could be called “delulu” by their peers.

How is ‘delulu’ used?

The term “delulu” is mostly used by teens as a fun and lighthearted way to express obsession. It can also be used to express consciously unrealistic beliefs. A lot of superfans (or stans) online will call themselves “delulu” to show their level of admiration for someone such as a famous musician or actor. Unlike the word “delusional”, the abbreviated word “delulu” is not usually used as an insult.


“Am I delulu to think I could meet him after the show”

“She’s delulu if she thinks nobody is going to ask her to prom”

“I might be a bit delulu, but I think Olivia Rodrigo might do a show in Dayton Ohio next year”

Where did the word ‘delulu’ come from?

The word “delulu” started being used in 2014 by fans of K-pop, a popular music genre from South Korea. These fans used it to point out when other fans had ideas or thoughts about K-pop stars that didn’t seem realistic. At first, it was mainly used to describe the actions of “sasaengs,” who are fans that are extremely obsessed with K-pop celebrities. Today, this term is more well-known and started to show up a lot on social media sites like TikTok.

How to know if you’re delulu

Being considered delulu is determined by whether or not a belief is realistic. You must think about whether there is evidence to support what you believe. For example, If you are in a one-sided relationship where you’re in love with someone who doesn’t know you exist, then that would be considered delulu since there is no reason for them to love you back.

Gen Z and TikTok Slang

Younger generations simply use delulu as a more playful way to say delusional. It is mostly said online in tweets or Tiktok comments as opposed to out-loud in real life. The word not meant to be used in a harmful or derogatory way. As always, it is very important to look at the context of the phrase to best determine how it is being used.