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Roblox Slang Words – Guide for Parents

Roblox is one of the largest multiplayer games in the world, with hundreds of millions of players. As a parent, stepping into the world of Roblox can feel like navigating a maze with its own unique language. This glossary is designed to help you understand the slang and abbreviations your kids are using in the game. It’s a tool to bridge the gap between your world and theirs, making it easier for you to connect with and understand their online experiences. This guide will demystify the terms and phrases that are a part of your child’s gaming adventures, ensuring you’re both speaking the same language and that they’re being safe online.

Meanings of Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Slang Words in Roblox

Roblox has its own lingo. It is different from Twitch slang because players talk with each other instead of streamers versus chat. What do words like bloxxed, CNP, and beaming mean in roblox? The following glossary provides you with meanings and definitions of the most commonly used slang words and abbreviations in Roblox!


One versus one. It is a game type in roblox where two players go head to head with no teams involved.


ABC doesn’t stand for anything, just a phrase that players use to get someone’s attention or communicate in a trade.


Abbreviated way to say “alright”


Stealing limited edition items from other players.


When someone gets killed in Roblox.


Term used to describe older people, usually someone’s parents. Comes from the word “baby boomer” and is also commonly used outside of Roblox.


Battle Royale or Brazil, depending on the context.


Be right back. Means that someone will be away, but only short a short period of time.


Either “Because they can” or “Bitcoin”. It depends on the context, there are many mini games around bitcoin in Roblox.


Getting around Roblox’s chat filter and saying something that someone shouldn’t have been able to


Copy and paste. Sometimes used to describe someone who is unoriginal


Compromised, meaning that a Roblox account has been hacked


Short for discord. Discord is a communication platform that is common among gamers


Direct message. To message privately on Roblox.

Dog water

Something bad or something that was really poorly done.


To quit the game. Comes from pressing alt+f4 on the keyboard as the quit shortcut


Acronym for “free for all” which is a game format where there are no teams.


For sale. Phrase used by Roblox players to indicate that they’d like to sell or trade an item


Good game. Part of good sportsmanship


Got to go. Used when someone has to leave and go offline.


In Character. Mostly used when roleplaying, and someone has to stay in character.


I swear to God. Used to show seriousness when saying something


Let’s make a deal. Used to indicate that someone wants to make a trade.


A coding language that is used to program games in Roblox.


Stands for “my bad”, usually used to apologize for making a mistake.


MK is another way of saying “okay”. Think of it like saying “mmmkay”


No thank you. A polite way of rejecting someone, usually in a trade offer or game request.


Obstacle course. This is a common game type in Roblox.


Private server, sometimes known as a VIP server. Used to set up a place where people can play with only those that are invited.


Someone who plays Roblox.


Robux is the name of the in-game currency of Roblox.

S or P

Smash or pass. Basically a phrase used to ask whether or not someone likes someone else. Not very child appropriate.

Skibidi Toilet

Skibidi means that something is bad or evil. It originates from the Skibidi Toilet animated series on YouTube.


Shaking my head. This acronym is used to show disappointment and is also common outside of Roblox.


Til tomorrow. Means that someone has to sign off for the day and will be back tomorrow.


Short for “update”. Roblox and its minigames have many updates, so the community has shortened it to “upd”


Often used to signal to a player to speak on voice chat.


An abbreviated way of saying “what’s up”


An abbreviated way of saying “what’s good”, basically the same as saying what’s up.

Staying Safe While Chatting in Roblox

For parents, it’s essential to keep an eye on your child’s interactions on Roblox, and understanding the game’s language is a big part of that. By knowing the slang and terms used in Roblox, you can better understand what your child is experiencing and who they’re talking to. This knowledge is key in today’s digital world, where kids are often more online. It helps you make sure they’re safe and making good choices, and it can even make it easier to talk with them about their gaming. It is important to have a discussion with your child about what is not appropriate to say online. Make sure that they know to never give out personal details when speaking with strangers on Roblox and that their interactions are generally positive.