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Teen Suicide: Perspectives from a Parent, a Teen, and a Professional

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens. Included in this article are three perspectives on this topic: the parent, the teen and the professional. Not all suicides are preventable, and not all cases of depression are treatable. Your Teen looks at the leading factors of depression and suicide in hopes that those who can be helped, will be helped.


“Three years ago, my 16-year-old son tried to kill himself.”

Sometimes it’s easy to miss the warning signs of depression, as this family discovered on one fateful day. Not all warning signs present the same way, and many go unnoticed until it’s too late. But any family can be effected. How was this family able to get through their son’s depression and suicidal thoughts? Read more.


The road to recovery can be a hard one, even when seeking treatment. This family saw the warning signs of depression and suicidal thoughts in their son, and worked to get him the treatment he needed. Even then, they found many frightening setbacks along the way. How were they able to get their son back on track? Read more.


What does a bully say to the family that lost their son because of him? This student didn’t realize the power of his words and actions until after a boy lost his life. Months later, he sets off to find a way to make up for actions that can’t be taken back. Read more.


When talking about teen depression and suicide, it’s important to be able to talk openly about symptoms and treatments. For parents who aren’t sure where to start, here are some helpful professional advise from experts. From starting the conversation with your teenagers to seeking medical treatment, read on to find what these doctors recommend. Read more.

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